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  1. NCWest XP Requirements

    @Conguero for me it looks like we miss around 10% of base XP. I have compared some old recordings including XP gain with current XP gain. Can you please do your tests with buffs that give around 5-15%? Buffs like Favor of Exalted, Clan XP Buff, XP from APs, Mentee Buff? I can say for sure that it has nothing to do with all that high Level buffs like 100% Exalted or Vit as the difference is on base XP and it is around 10% less. Because everyone seems to have this issue I would expect to find the issue in the 10% Exalted buff.
  2. To be honest: Not everyone need to link that hings in worldchat. After I won Kelbim I just sent a screenshot to my cp, not even my clan knows it. Why should they? I am not that lucky guy in other events and I don't like ppl who need to show everytime when they have been lucky. Because the unlucky ones may loose their motivation. But for you to proove it I have postet it here. Edit: here you go.