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  1. Solo farm as mage

    Forgotten temple all the way to 40. Best exp/adena. Another options prior to FT, you can do orc barracks in a way you hunt between few spawn spots of commanders, and every hour you kill as minimum of 3 of them.
  2. Anyone else get banned for no reason?

    Even if you use nostromo, but you are afk while doing so, it's considered 3rd party software usage. How NC find out about you beeing afk is another questions and a mystery to us, the players.
  3. Penalty for report abusement

    Yes, the button can be spammed, in sense you can use it on a different toon with your alt(s). And beg 3rd party users to do it as well. I'm one of the most legitimate players of the server, so, i can afford to take any room i want, at any time. And there's nothing you can do about it (Part of the game). But when you start abusing the button, not only you irritate me, but you also beg for punishment by a GM.
  4. Good fixes, i think the server is alright, except the fact, not all 50+ zones are with improved exp/adena. For some people using c or higher grade weapons is just not sustainable.
  5. banned for real no reason

    IF you got banned, it means that you are filthy bot. One of many. And that's the end of it.
  6. Penalty for report abusement

    Dear NCSoft, please, for player's sake, implement some kind of penalty for repeatable report button abusement, this is getting of hand. Every day i'm doing my dailies and some clueless, nerdy, but juvenile and inexperienced people are spamming this button repeatable on my chars. I'm happy to be checked/investigated if needed, but the fact i have to enter every day some numbers is just beyond annoying already. Thanks for the attention.
  7. The Future of Gludio server (Opinion)

    WoW, stop spreading lies about the server. There are no parties going on. I was speaking about legit parties, unlike yours (automated bot party). Cya, lol.
  8. Yep, its happening to me every day in Aligator island, some clueless people calling me a bot and abusing the system. It's just boring to enter all the numbers... QQ.
  9. The Future of Gludio server (Opinion)

    What are you dreaming about? LOL. The server will last as it is for another couple of months before it merges into another (probably Aden) And this is highly suggested, because atm Gludio is dead. There are no 40+, not to mention 50+ parties going on, there is no PvP, there's nothing interesting to do while ingame.
  10. Drop rate

    Hello, is it just me, or the drop rates are somewhat less in non prime hours for USA's timezone? I'm from EU, and in my mornings, basically late night US, i get absolutely no drops whatsoever. Can we get an answer to this? Thanks. @Juji
  11. Help - grapic card

    With the current prices of computer hardware, including SSD (120gb ~ 30$), might not be a bad idea to buy one.
  12. Did you try to speak with the pet?
  13. Help - grapic card

    What you need Graphic card for? I'm running on my second PC, 3 clients on the integrated video card of an g3930 celeron processor. L2 always been about the SSD/RAM/PROC
  14. Not everyone is talkative. Especially when you are getting pmed in spanish.. rofl.
  15. I'm sure NCSoft is busy punishing people for abusing the report button. I'd say there should be a 7days account's suspension for false bot reporting obvious legits.