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  1. @Hime @Juji Thank you for screwing the Americans once again. I could have sworn these were North American Servers. I guess I was wrong. 22:00 UTC is 12:00 - 17:00 in America's. The average workday is 8:00 - 17:00 Hats off to both of you and your team!!
  2. It's supposed to be 15% more damage
  3. @nickolas2s & @Asmodaeus - It's because their new launcher loads Blade & Soul first probably because of alphabetical order. If you look at the top left corner you will see two icons B&S and Lineage II. Click on Lineage II and you'll be able to use the launcher https://imgur.com/a/UXNhW7O
  4. @Juji @Hime Whatever you did yesterday sucked! I cannot stay online and many of my clanmates cant. With WOW Classic about to open I really hope you all get your, you know what together or you're going to have a larger graveyard than it already is!
  5. *Fingers Crossed* hoping I'll stop DCing every day with this.
  6. @Juji Like other's said is this a joke?! These recipes take hours, days, weeks to farm. This price doesn't even come close to the cost to farm it. Every week you guys make yourselves into more of a joke. It would be nice if you all cared a little, but wow!
  7. 100% the best I have is +5 PL boots. I think I've blown up about 43 boots now and the chest and leggings are only +4. It's been a painful experience so far trying to enchant a +6 PL set
  8. Also, if you do hit VIP you will need to spend 1320/month to keep it at VIP. See table below Spend Threshold to Reach Status Spend Requirements to Maintain Status Tier 4 VIP Status 4,000 NCoin within a 30-day period or less 1,320 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier 3 VIP Status 2,000 NCoin within a 30-day period or less 660 within each subsequent 30-day periods Tier
  9. @AmazingGraves Well this is what their site says. See bolded section The VIP Program uses VIP meters that will help you track your spend amounts and spend amounts needed to maintain or advance your tier status (1 NCoin = 1 VIP Point) as well as display the duration of your tier benefits. Click here for full terms and conditions.Once a VIP tier is obtained, you reap the benefits for 30 days. Should you level up and change VIP tiers any time during your 30 days, you can enjoy your new tier benefits for 30 days from when you reached that level. If you want to maintain your VIP tier, b
  10. What they said cemetery roving souls. Also, our version does not have a wiki and using the other wiki will give you false information because it was updated to Skelths savior version.
  11. @Lunafairy Here check out this video... Using just windstrike on a tank using UD still hits for 1k damage because of the pendant. I forgot to mention this is without the person using a weapon! Not sure what server they from
  12. @Nourish I think they are saying don't buff and take the 30 mins to go ban bots
  13. @Juju @Hime Thank you for making the Oriana's coins tradeable. Now the bots and the people who run them are going to be richer! Good job on ruining the server yet again! This is worse than the pendant event!!!!
  14. He also complained when people couldn't log in but was logged in raiding while complaining in forums
  15. Yeah, don't worry about RamirezZ. He sits in town all day until they go out to raid at 5 pm. He is not wasting anytime
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