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  1. Another one who wanna be save out of peace zone. It's ridiculous if wanna use all your skills and forces safely. It's ridiculous if wanna even just stay out of peace zone safely. That's the game. You are not save while you farm. Some one can flag on you or PK you just by the way... No offence. I'm telling you that in a good way. Cheers
  2. Guys, if I understand rightly easy afk in auto farm mode is the most important thing in the game for you. That's really funy. Even GMs don't recommend it. I do it, you do it if you want, but don't be surprised in the next morning. Don't try to brake the game completely by pushing everyone to take care of your tamagotchi style. Have fun!
  3. War system is not broken just because you guys can't grow up your clans and chars in auto afk mode like tamagotchi. There is PVP, war and other things which make the game not really boring. If you don't like it don't play it. Simple. War system is ok I think. Just big clan is not flexible. I am happy with that the rules still don't depend on auto afk mode.
  4. I like this guy! Basic info you can find easy in the other forums.
  5. Absolutely! Who's wintra (or other like him) ... someone totally lost himself, his mind, his money... not in whole internet just on one server. He killed himself already. No offence, please. The name is just for example. I agree with FotoMoto as well to remove aoe skills from archer even that was a joke. Archer is assassin not warrior and supposed to be not aoe exactly like daggers but just long range assassin dd. Was like that in the past when the game was really good.
  6. Why wind or holy? Why the choice has to be wind or holy?
  7. Hello guys, Can someone help with how to set duelist these days in PVP, please? I mean heavy or light set, abilities, SA on weapon, dual class skills, how to enchant skills and totally what's the priority? What's helpful in PVP. No lame comments, please like to delete that char and create mage or archer. Thanks in advance
  8. The topic is Latest Yul Guide not Latest Max Guide. Let some moderator clean up the junk and popcorn, please.
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