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  1. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    @JujiGame content is capped at 70, yet you can upgrade some current skills at 72 74 and maybe more.... If 70 was intended as max level there would be no new skills to learn after 70... The players of this community, and your customers would much rather you speak the truth and say, "i have no idea why things are the way they are" Most people have more respect for those who tell the truth rather then lie. Whether you are misinformed or really dont know the answer, honesty is best. I understand Ncwest is your employer but in honesty u can do better then this crap company so i suggest start speaking the truth to us the customers. If Nc dont like it tell them peace out girl scout i am too good for this company and for all of you scumbags at the top of the corp ladder.... If you want our trust and respect back, you really need to start earning it, first by speaking the truth, second if the higher ups dont like it tell them to go kick rocks like they tell us to do when we looking for answers.... Just my thoughts KTP
  2. Heroes, September 2018

    Did Prince learn about single target purge yet? Back at chronos in oly this guy would stand there fully debuffed and not purge himself, you can buy gear but cant buy the knowledge and skill to be a legit OG player. Feed or no feed with his gear he should never lose a match, lv 6 garnet lv6 tanz and 2 topaz.... jesus christ save these handless freaks
  3. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    unfortunately this is NcSoft, dont fix whats broken and break what is working..... i apologize for the problems this may have caused in your enjoyment of game play, but we will have one of our "trained" GameMasters , who have never played Lineage 2 but are master of the game, fix or make this issue worse for you, at OUR earliest convenience. Regards, Staff
  4. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    Instituting hot fixes without any test servers, is a mistake Nc West has made mistake of for many years. Now this new protection program wont even be online and running until after the update, IF IF the update happens on time... Funny how we all love a game whos creators and owners dont care about us at all... We have all lost many friends over the years to them leaving game, and im my past 13 years i have only had 2 that quit because they felt game was an unhealthy obsession. The rest leave because of a failed staff and support system. They have the goose that laid the golden eggs, a game that could have exceeded WOW sales if only promoted in the States.... Ever seen some commercials for the game in other countries, they make a person who never played an MMORPG want to play, yet not 1 commercial in the USA anywhere. The only publicity this game gets in america is as a Poster on the guys wall, on The Big Bang Theory.... even though game is goin on 15 years old if launched properly it could be introduced as a new game to the 99% who never heard of it.... Bahhhh im sorry enough ranting...
  5. L2 players and Real Life

    what year are u playing the game 1999 on that PC? and it says SIMs somehow i think u are tryin to catfish a young dumb player here.....
  6. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    you boyz are askin for trouble, a lil birdie told me diegovargas and martelx have completed their new 3rd pt program, and is in its testing phase, to see if it is detectable! they are gonna let some of the less important players like Pope and drakkee ( sorry guys only 2 nova players i know are still in clan) try it first. After its first testing the script went a lil wild and pope pk'd and dropped his linvi earing..... Back to the drawling board i suppose.........
  7. a challenge for Ms & Nova

    it has to start before u have a winner or loser, im sure u dont know this being as though u prob never played a sport or did anything competitative, but it has to start before it can finish jus basic laws of the world. dont worry i can educate ya i hold classes on saturdays at 10am hope to see ya there!
  8. a challenge for Ms & Nova

    challenge was accepted soooo.... until 1 carebear from nova replies it hasnt really started yet has it?
  9. a challenge for Ms & Nova

  10. 7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    you must be new to nova, ask your clan mates about DIE Clan / CP, never back down never turn down a fight.
  11. a challenge for Ms & Nova

    Challenge accepted... Although my Cp never detags to xp, and i have never in almost 13 years have detagged to XP, but ofc my CP, the 5 of us accept!
  12. New Player from ME

    what server are you on? if u on chronos message keepthepeace always down to help new players
  13. Enchant Skill - Counter doubt

    note this only applies to non skill crit damage recieved, IE normal swings from a evis tyrr archer, non skill hits. exception is dagger skills as they are only class to stack P crit damage and p skill crit damage. hope that helps
  14. NCSoft -- What are your long term plans?

    how the fuk havent they offered this guy a job yet? for the past 12 years ive watched this guy drop more knowledge on translations and updates, more then any member of staff or player..... i dunno what u do for a living and how much you make, but i find it hard to believe they couldnt pay u enough to quit ur job and work for Ncwest. I have said it before but im pretty baked atm, but u sir are a tribute to the l2 community.
  15. Winter is coming to NAIA

    It clearly was a smart move for him, ask any of the people who transfer to chronos to fight MS how thats been going for them? most are waiting on the 1 month mark so they can transfer back cuz not being able to leave town, getting no field raids, or epic raids isnt fun for a "end game" player. I dont know this guy from a hole in the wall, but when people take a break from game they dont post on forums, they get as far away from L2 as possible. This leads us all to believe u didnt have a choice in the matter, the cp left you..... whos in ur old cp on chronos id like to speak to them and get their side of the story. ty in advance
  16. Comparing AP Setups

    Screen shot 1 is without rose buff and normal buffs https://imgur.com/a/BMJwBMR Screen shot 2 with rose buff and same normal buffs https://imgur.com/a/7ywr4lz Screen shot 3 is my AP tree that i still mess around with to this day. https://imgur.com/a/ITlyJro I am an all STR build for instant skill reuse and double duration on skills, helps alot, i dont need the con as u can see with my HP i can get to 150k easily with pow or cov. hope that helps ya some bud
  17. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    We are willing to meet and clan vs clan them on a neutral ground where no one gets mp regen and everyone can rez, there is the challenge see if they accept! We used the MP regen this week to prove a point, but are willing and able to fight on a neutral ground where its just about skills..... Summer is Here... Peoples Champ, KTP
  18. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    921 -273 = 648 more nova deaths then MS, umm so who got farmed? BTW in case u havent heard Rune has more bonuses as a castle then aden, you get -25% resistance to dragon weapons, 50% chance to win in pvp, and 50bil adena per cycle, so atm rune is the best castle to own, so who will come take it?
  19. Fooz & Pr1ncess in Olympiad

    zaken has been merged into chronos for a bout a year now... so u been gone a long long time if you dont know this. again its prob best to ust keep your mouf shut when u really have no idea the state of lineage atm. although we are getting a laugh at your expense you are looking rather foolish....
  20. The failed commander cp one more time down

    and the truffle is a pve toon comment, wow just wow, it is true evis have been known as a powerful single target pve toon, 1 man has showed utter DOMINANCE using 1 class in pvp and now we dont recognize it? jesus this community is turning to sheeit...
  21. The failed commander cp one more time down

    if you are dying in oly to people with 1/2 the gear you by definition are the bad player..... thats like the player after u killed them stay laying dead for 10 minutes talking smack how you suck at the game they are great but yet they are dead and u are sitting a full hp..... if you lose say GF and move on, all these excuses, u borrowed gear that is still not as good as my gear but hey lets use that as an excuse... “Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness, and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else.” meaning man up when you lose say GF and move on. If it was a fluke go go try again, if its because you dont have the gear, u dont have to say it u know it and thats all that matters. If you are losing because you are outclassed, tell them GF (good fight) and see what u can do to improve. This new generation of youth all have excuses why something didnt happen or why it did, instead of excepting reality and facts and moving on....
  22. Fooz & Pr1ncess in Olympiad

    Dude you will get 2 shotted by Fooz or any top archer on chronos fully skilled, LMAO all it takes is one stun and 2 crits game over and trust me it happens. you should prob get your L2 knowledge up before you speak here and look like a moron with little too no lineage2 knowledge..
  23. anyone else wonder why Yidao isnt offered a position at Ncwest? this guy does more translating and searching for answers then our current staff ever has or is even able to do. this guy doesnt even get paid he just has the love of the game and some free time!!@ i know u get your praise and props from people all the time, but you sir (or ma'am) are above and beyond all staff we have or have ever had. Thank you
  24. USA Dirty Jersey, KeepthePeace 13yrs old Hell KNight for life!Q first toons were Namoicampbell freekstar antennaballs Bartz until it was merged into chronos over 10 years ago. took breaks but remained playing on private servers to get knowledge of all classes and skills not jus my classes skills. long history of clans most died after i left, or turned into nothingness.
  25. iJager in olympiad

    how much did Hitch charge you for his old archer Flashed? u made a +10 shiny shirt in 10 days too with no scrolls on server? LMAO u clowned yourself once again Fool, i mean Fooz