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  1. WTS +7 Sages Staff 144 M attk (pics Below)

    Greed Enchanting + 7 https://youtu.be/UNZmE96kFeg
  2. yea from random incounters with people that played on the EU servers they all said the same thing this was totally different from there Lunch we have a lot of there content that was just released to them not to long ago This "Classic" version they have is just NCwest's Own Private custom server with LOW dev team involvement lol we didn't event get YEAR end Sieges for crying out loud They Need to HIRE active GM and s toss a Ban Hammer for all the botting they don't even care about the adena sellers imo any server you can goto any town and you get spammed with hey hey adena here buy now its ridiculous
  3. Toss me an Offer here in comment or message (talking Island Server)
  4. Enchantment ***********

    well you like to ramble on about nothing haters allways gonna hate to be honest and I bought the weapon @ + 8 from Naaked just a random and over the past 2 weeks I grabbed my balled and hoped for the best 8 more EWD's later Bam I have a + 16 I have saved all my videos on youtube for the GM's to view if they ever wish too
  5. going + 16 Retail Gludio

    no more like Time invested into the game / grinding to same up adena
  6. going + 16 Retail Gludio

    sound like a personal question you should think real hard about it and figure it out
  7. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    YEAH hard to prove that one any ways here hows it goes SIMPLE CLICK EWD Menu Opens DRAG ITEM to be enchanted Warning sign pops up in Menu about failure Click Anyways ……….. ANother menu pops up WARNIG IF failure will crystalize ……………... and u say you did all this by mistake and then FAILED TO click Cancel hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    its the 2ed time u clicked Enchant so if u cant click it in time to cancel its your fault
  9. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    I HIGHLY doubt they give any weapons Back...…. What they are referring to " Crystallizing " is the Dwarven Skill to crystal item yea even I have done this in the past …. did not know about opening a ticket to maybe recover it... like they Said 'players accidentally selling items to NPCs, accidentally crystallizing, or accidental deletion. They did not refer to Over Enchanting or they would have said so Please don't be Naïve about it and use that little Brain of your to Read and understand what people are talking about...
  10. For many of you this will be the only time you see an Enchanting over +4 because u do not have the "Balls" as a lot of ppl say to RISK your weapon but here I go RISKING my weapon again for the 12th time going +16 If i was remembered right each chance is 60% So good luck to every 1 else with your enchanting adventures as this is my L2 addiction https://youtu.be/e8liXxAKQFU
  11. Enchantment ***********

    https://youtu.be/e8liXxAKQFU FOR all u NON believers Enchanting + 15 going +16 Solo motion video Failed but hey I was very PUMPED skip to last 10 secs
  12. Enchantment ***********

    trying to fix
  13. Enchantment ***********

    trying to upload the +16 video
  14. Enchantment ***********

    Not to Shabby 1 p atk better than TOP B 2 M atk better than TOP B 1 Hand Mage On top of that 4.80% DMG Soulshot / Spiritshot