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  1. What server is right for me?

    Update: So I ended up going to Aden. I meet some old friends from back on Lionna and joined their clan ofDOOM. I put more thought into it and realized the time zone was the very best of the options. Just a guess based off of what I have been seeing in world chat. But I would guess the server is slightly more English based than Gludio. There seems to be a mix of of langues going on from French to Spanish but I feel good about the decision to make Aden my home. Nice population also, not to full but far from empty.
  2. What server is right for me?

    Thanks for the reply and find that unfortunate. Any idea on where each server sits level wise? Are players at 74 already?
  3. I'm an old player who started the game 1 week after chronicle 3 dropped and competitively stopped playing at the end of 2008. Came back for a few months here and there but it was nothing like Classic after the game went free. Well after the element stone's became a thing, it was never the same for me. But any way I need to find a good English based server. I'm on Gludio right now but see a lot of Spanish and it worries me about the populations language preference is. I'm a stay at home father who lives in the PST zone. I prefer playing night's and that's why I chose GMT -4. But re thinking this I really just want to find some great people who play my times, speak English, love PvP, Raid Bosses and just competitive like me. Any suggestions on where I should be?