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  1. So wait if I am a warlord and I am AOEing and a rival clan member runs into my AOE and I kill him 1) he won't flag? and 2) I'll go red??? WTF sense does that make? just bring back the old Clan PvP system cause that is broken as hell.... Basically your setting up for people to be PK farmed so they drop their gear??? This is really the dumbest thing you guys could have done to "Fix" something that wasn't broken. Goes to show that the game designers only care about the almighty $ and have never once actually played their own game. Guess its time to find a new game LOL...... @Hime @Juji
  2. So you have a black Friday deal going and I am currently getting an error everytime I try and purchase NC Coin. I've tried PayPal and Credit Card transactions and get an error everytime i attempt to complete the purchase. I've been told to try a different browser I've used both chrome and IE and I also tried purchasing on my phone. And the GM who emailed me was useless. I have never seen a sheer lack of customer service then I have with NC Soft. @Hime @Juji
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