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  1. Now what? Level 72. Just admit you all are so bad and can't cope with a real low rate server. There is/was nothing wrong with rates, it is supposed to be hard. Harder than it has been in the past but they gave all the noobs a little Adena boost to help until 40. Now you are back to the real rates after 40 and if you want to progress there are no more hand outs from the GMs. (Insert tears here) I agree with you on one thing, you should just go back to high rates so you can be a factor. However if you think this server isn't too hard then you have another suprise waiting for you r
  2. When there is a level 70 party all your arguments fall apart.
  3. Level 5. It's not easy like before, you probably don't have the resources to do it.
  4. Proud of what? It's too easy to be proud. I just said it's easy and you guys are trash if you complain about this server being hard. Seems you all agree.
  5. If only you knew about +6 Karmian over Avadon... scrubs.
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