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  1. Brooch Jewels Pool

  2. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Why is NA the only server that slaps players in the face? Here everything is more expensive, here you so shitting for the players. We live with constant lags expensive and inaccessible events and many things in the game are not accessible to us (such as mammon jewelry for example) Does nc west only think about getting our money out?
  3. Supp Update 3 - ETA

    Don't expect anything from NA staff. Link for part 3 from innova (EU official server) : https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/197/
  4. Coule o' Qs Needed some As

    With the coming update, iss enchanters will be even more useless. Is there any change from being able to change the class to another?