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  1. I got a quest on Quest Info Teb (Map) "Request from Red Libra Guild - Lv. 4" (61 -78) Sends me to Giran to talk to Bodyguard Blue, when you get to the spot, you find nothing. https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipNpL29vht0MQYxk2kzT7AN8_-dZBcXDn3rU0JaC
  2. I use to solo farm, thank you anyway for the advice.
  3. Hey guys @Hime @Juji I am getting no drops but Nectars from my usual farming spot, I used to get adena, mats and b grade keys, it all disappeared and only nectars drop from mobs now, Did you guys noticed this, is it an intentional change or just a mistake?
  4. It didn´t happen in Gludio, no NPC showed up, cake raid died that was all that happened. Anyway how long would this NPC be up so you can claim your reward?
  5. what happened with Gludio server?, cake raid didn´t work, we got no rewards at all
  6. We didn´t get any rewards on Gludio server after killing this Cake Raid, no weapon B +16, no exp no sp, we deserve an explanation and our rewards... Guess you guys can respawn an extra cake tomorrow for the same morning time of those of us who can't play at night. @Juji @Hime
  7. Did anyone get any reward from the Cake Raid? Please reply to this post
  8. Ok guys, where from are you getting this info? I don't get to see any info about this event anywhere
  9. I will say it once only Event is totally broken I know of people who already won baium, weapon +16, weapon B and other stuff... I know we all can not win but it feels pretty unfair when u see the same guy winning several times while u get nothing. And by the way, quit that VIP crap, is not about the VIP trust me.
  10. longest I have gone so far is a way beyond 999 but thank you
  11. Hey guys Any of you know for sure what is the longest delay you can set in a macro? Is there any limit on this command or you could, for example, set a macro with a 9 hours delay? @Juji @Hime do you guys know?
  12. Couple grants won´t get you anywhere close to competitive on live servers... sorry I have friends who spent that once a month and they are top players so... a couple of grants won´t really make any difference , it would just buy consumables.
  13. You won't get a better answer, so right now is like you can play on classic until it becomes same thing as live servers and you will need a whole lotta money or x10 more time than rich people to have a decent char.
  14. Imagine you fighting versus a waterfall that will never stop falling over you... DO you really think akam... or zari... will solve the problem? Totally fail, it will be fun (been there done that) but then you get tired and bots keep coming over and over.
  15. It could be a whole day without winners... been there
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