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  1. Gludio

    Hi, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries instance (aka Gludio) distributes dropped shadow weapon as finders keepers, although the party loot is set to random. Happened too many times to be just an accident. All players know this bug and the fastest to pick gets the drop.
  2. Hi, In Ashen shadow revolutionaries (aka Gludio) instance the drop goes to whoever pick, not random, even the party loot was set to random. Although this is not always happening, it is happened too many times to call it "bad luck" or "korean random". I can provide 2 screenshots from 2 "random" loots from today, 3 drops goes to the pickers (1/7*1/7*1/7 = 1/343 probability). This loot bug also happens on Zaken and Freya raids. Should I post this in bug section?
  3. Same here. Third time I chosed soulshots, hoping to get spiritshots, but no, I still got soulshots.
  4. Monster collection

    Hi, I may be wrong, thats why I post here and not in bug section: Why I dont get the XP reward for Istina, from Monster Collection? As you can see in the attachment, I did the instance. Same thing for Octavis. https://imagebin.ca/v/4F2OBV882ej8 Regards. LE: The character is lvl 99.