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  1. I know you guys need to make money lol but are you guys trying to break the record for pay 2 win events or something.
  2. I have great idea the limited time store menu in l2coin store you should put proof of bloods blood crystals cloths non tradable for cloths for limited time. I am sure there are other things you could put in there too like have different items every week or so.
  3. ok this event looks really interesting I like there is a way to get cloths now. The only problem I have with it is if you need to unseal a whole s grade armor you need to spend 800 bucks lol. I know not to make it real easy to get the armor unsealed but really for the price you should get maybe 2 cloths or 3 cloths or make it random amount.
  4. ummm the gems could be gems for the bracelets they put in the l2 coin store. I just want to say one thing though its nice but why are you putting money items in store with the corono virus is on hmmmm?
  5. vip problem

    ok why is it after new update got to vip 10 and it says only 10 days left for vip 10. I think this is a bug or if it is now only 10 days nobody will last at vip 10 for long.