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  1. Yea.. that's a terrible time for players who are in central time zone lol Hyperlite you might have to take some time from work to participate in this event
  2. Excellent idea Bozolina! I see some potential here @Hime take note of it
  3. I think you are missing the point. This game is P2W! The issue that players where having is that ppl will create lvl 1 chars and try to scam the event. That's all mate. And what's done is done.. as soon as they lunched pendants it was over, P2W all the way! There is no changing that now.
  4. What are you talking about? It is P2W period! If this game wasn't then I would agree with you.. but unfortunately its not because they made it this way..
  5. Nah man.. its unbalanced period. If you don't play Necro then you don't know what you are talking about.
  6. Hmmm.. I know you just started playing Hector, but It's not a stupid idea. iKepler has a point. Ppl trying to scam the event by creating a bunch of characters.. That's why they are having problems.. Also, its all at the same time, so servers get over loaded and like GMs said, there were issues with that. Perhaps making different hours for the event for each server might solve the problem.. In addition, It only takes an hour or so to get lvl 20, so putting a lvl/VIP restrictions isn't such a bad idea. Either way, high rewards are not coming back according to what GMs are saying, so don't fight
  7. NcSoft Team, Please take a look and try to fix CDL issues: 1. Sometimes it restores HP when you hit mobs 2. Inconsistent dmg (the difference around 500 to 2k dmg) 3. Missing hits Also, if this is unfixable please consider getting rid off using cursed bones for Death Spike. (just like you adjusted Mass Curse Gloom) that way players can utilize other skill besides CDL.. Thank you for your attention and hard work! V/R, Immabe
  8. Hey guys, thank you for sharing all of the info.. looks like we still got no winners for this event.. maybe it truly is all a scam. It’s disappointing.. I bet that if rates where higher, players would be happier with this event and the developers would receive more profit.. until then don’t waste your money ?
  9. 1. If your lvl is appropriate for RB, you will get exp. it’s always best to be in cc for best exp. if you are out of cc, you will still get exp. 2. Yes, as long as they attack the boss first. Dealing the most dmg between cc parties has no effect on looting rights. 3. Low bosses are not hard, but take coordination and a mix of different classes to take them down.. the reason why u don’t see low raids is because most players are at different stage of the game, they have higher lvls. Hope that was helpful..
  10. Blazing Swamp would probably be your best hunting ground..
  11. Sr mate.. until they change the rates, it’s not worth it..
  12. I think you got to buy 4K nccoins first = $50 and then it’s about $15 a month to keep it at VIP 4. Once you obtain the coins, you have to spend them on items in l2 store to get the VIP status..
  13. Ahhh I was being a little bit sarcastic, but when you are talking about bringing the government into this, you might as well start somewhere that really affect ppl.
  14. Consuming alcohol causes a lot of death.. good example is DUIs. That’s what! ? look up the stats on how many ppl die from this alone and if you gonna start talking about banning and putting restrictions on things, you might as well start with alcohol.. thats just one example of many that you can apply this to.
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