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  1. Raid Bosses Events

    Thanks mate! Hit me up
  2. Water Pendant Bugged

    Water Pendant is a joke and doesn't add any dmg expect for additional EXP
  3. Raid Bosses Events

    Hello Everyone!! I would like to invite you all to begin "Hunting Raid Bosses" Events! It's a great opportunity to gain easy EXP. My target RBs lvls between 50-60. In order for us to get good exp and drops we have to stay within 8 lvls. (ex. if RB lvl 55 then players have to be between lvl 47 and 63) Best drops rates within 3 lvls. Dates: Wend/Friday around 2000 (US Central time) also on the weekends. In order for us to be successful, we have to utilize MDs. (crit bleed daggers) Therefore, it will help a lot if you bring one with you! Please leave a comment if you are interested in running RBs with me and if the time and dates works with your schedule. Depending on what you all share here, we can always adjust the time. Thank you for your time and I hope there are players who wants to gain some exp without spending a huge amount of hours doing it on your own.. V/R, Immabe
  4. WTB Ecliptic Axe

    Heeeeey guys! I'm looking for Ecliptic Axe to buy.. PM me for offers pls! V/R, Immabe
  5. Price Check on +10 Tarbar

    As soon as you go for +4, you are taking a risk.. Don't listen to this guy. He has no clue what he is talking about.. My only advice to you is if you decided to do OE make sure you have a weapon you can fall back on. If you don't have another weapon then do not OE it..
  6. @Hime It would be nice to see 50% EXP boost!
  7. Welcome Everyone! I am looking for good, dedicated and active players to join me. Since it's a new clan and there is a lot of room available, the door is open to every class. There are rules and standards to follow as in any other clan. More info will be provided if you decide to join. I want players to have parties that they can exp in, have fun together and enjoy the game. If you decide to join my clan you will be able to form parties to exp, we will do raids with other clans to obtain weapons, armors, runes and etc. and do other fun clan related activities. If you are interested, please do not hesitate and send me a message. It's going to be a journey ladies and gentlemen! If you are looking for a good community to join, my clan will be a good place for you! Give it a try and I'll not disappoint you! Add me on discord: Immabe#7087 & Follow on Instagram on my fresh account: Immabepro V/R, Immabe When there is a will, there is way!
  8. purple weapons

    Yes, sir! Also, this is just a suggestion unless you have a high-grade life stone, I would only use common life stone in your weapons. From my experience, mid grade is expensive to put on and the stats I have received were never good. Therefore, I think its cheaper to use the common one. Good luck with OE! Getting +10 isn't an easy accomplishment..
  9. purple weapons

    Yes, sir! You need to OE to +10 and augment it with a life stone.
  10. Thank you! Can you make an appropriate comment to this post?
  11. No bragging mate, just facts!
  12. Hello Everyone! I think this is something that everyone has been waiting for and the "BIG NEWS" is finally here! After proving and showing what unity and teamwork among other players can accomplish, It is time to let one of the clans to take the castle. Last castle siege was a lot of fun! Probably one of the most exciting moments that this server has ever had at this point. Because of certain behavior of some clans during the last siege, their true colors were reviled, and it helped me and my ally's to select appropriate clan to take the castle for the next siege. I am happy and honored to announce that Blade & Soul clan will be the first successor of the Gludio Castle. Please do congratulate them! Out of all of the clans that are out there, they are most fitted for such accomplishment! Do not miss an opportunity to follow JasonKing5 channel on youtube during the next siege to witness them claiming Gludio Castle. V/R, Immabe
  13. I cannot wait to see Mr Lag to take over the castle! Show us your power man!
  14. Welcome Everyone!! I want to hear what you all think about the next Castle Siege! (Gludio Server) Share your thoughts and opinions who should claim it and why. From my perspective, anything and everything is possible! Let see what we will happen next! V/R, Immabe
  15. Welcome Everyone!! This Castle Siege is a siege that you do not want to miss! A bot power house Blade and Soul (BnS) Clan, who have the most highest lvls on the server will face against common folks. BnS clan leader has promised 100% victory despite any circumstance. He is convinced that him and a few of his friends can take an entire castle by themselves. Honestly speaking he can do it. No doubts about it. However, his victory becomes debatable when 7 clans (Nightmare, AgainstAll, AL, LastKingdom, Kryptonians, United and Midgard) unites together to show him what teamwork of low lvl players can do together. Like I said, this castle siege is big and it will be remembered for a long time to come. Come and join us in this adventure! Thanks to JasonKing5 it will be streamed live! Check out the link before to witness an Epic Siege! https://www.youtube.com/jasonking5 V/R, Immabe