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  1. Necro & SH CDL Bugg

    NcSoft Team, Please take a look and try to fix CDL issues: 1. Sometimes it restores HP when you hit mobs 2. Inconsistent dmg (the difference around 500 to 2k dmg) 3. Missing hits Also, if this is unfixable please consider getting rid off using cursed bones for Death Spike. (just like you adjusted Mass Curse Gloom) that way players can utilize other skill besides CDL.. Thank you for your attention and hard work! V/R, Immabe
  2. Welcome everyone!! I want to see how much success you all have with this new event! I’m curious if anyone had any luck so far with obtaining +16 or +8 weapons.. Please share your high items rewards and experience that you have! V/R, Immabe
  3. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Hey guys, thank you for sharing all of the info.. looks like we still got no winners for this event.. maybe it truly is all a scam. It’s disappointing.. I bet that if rates where higher, players would be happier with this event and the developers would receive more profit.. until then don’t waste your money 🙂
  4. Raid Boss mechanics

    1. If your lvl is appropriate for RB, you will get exp. it’s always best to be in cc for best exp. if you are out of cc, you will still get exp. 2. Yes, as long as they attack the boss first. Dealing the most dmg between cc parties has no effect on looting rights. 3. Low bosses are not hard, but take coordination and a mix of different classes to take them down.. the reason why u don’t see low raids is because most players are at different stage of the game, they have higher lvls. Hope that was helpful..
  5. Lvl 70+

    Blazing Swamp would probably be your best hunting ground..
  6. Wassup fellas! I don’t have any live prophets in my clan.. if interested in joining, hit me up.
  7. Epic RBs

    Topic is closed! Thank you for participation and happy hunting everyone!
  8. Epic RBs

    Welcome Everyone! Im looking for a group of players who would like to participate in killing Epic RBs aka Queen Ant, Core and Orfen. The drops that will be obtain from collective effort will be shared with everyone. If you are interested please PM me or leave your POC info in the comments section. V/R, Immabe
  9. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Sr mate.. until they change the rates, it’s not worth it..
  10. Question about VIP 4

    I think you got to buy 4K nccoins first = $50 and then it’s about $15 a month to keep it at VIP 4. Once you obtain the coins, you have to spend them on items in l2 store to get the VIP status..
  11. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Ahhh I was being a little bit sarcastic, but when you are talking about bringing the government into this, you might as well start somewhere that really affect ppl.
  12. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Consuming alcohol causes a lot of death.. good example is DUIs. That’s what! 😂 look up the stats on how many ppl die from this alone and if you gonna start talking about banning and putting restrictions on things, you might as well start with alcohol.. thats just one example of many that you can apply this to.
  13. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Omg.. I feel you mate 😔
  14. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    I’m with you! Maybe NcSoft can look into this and change the rates, so they won’t lose their income.. because from what ppl are saying at this point it’s not even worth of spending any money on this event because you have 0 chances of winning. We already know that for $400 you get EWA and lvl 6 rune.. it’s a joke. Unless some folks are rich and can spend $10k with ease then maybe this event is for them.
  15. Epic RBs

    I forgot to add my contact info.. You can reach me on: Discord: Immabe#7087 & Instagram: Immabepro
  16. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Ehhh sorry bro.. lvl 4 rune you can make it yourself with ease 😔 it doesn’t come anywhere near to good items..
  17. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    @Juji do you have any comments for us Sir? How much money do people really need to spend to obtain high value items? Please do tell us even if it’s all In proximity to real chance..
  18. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    And I’m sorry bro you spent that much money and got nothing.. that really sucks. You would think that at least you receive +8 weapon or +16 by spending $400..
  19. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    My man, why are bringing this up here? If ppl want to spend $5 or $1000 or more, I think that should be their choice. With this kind of logic you might as well start talking about alcohol and other **** that causes death in our society.. Please don’t deviate from the topic in this discussion.
  20. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Sorry man, but there will be no compensation.. I had the same issue with joy boxes event. Bought over 300 boxes and didn’t get the Joy Agathion.. all they will tell you is that there is a chance, it’s not guaranteed and blah blah blah 😑
  21. We need Pendants again

    Don’t worry man, pendants will return for sale once again in the future and just so you know they are not as OP as you think they are..
  22. Welcome everyone!! Mass PvP event is coming and will be conducted on Gludio server. The goal for this event is for everyone to have a little fun. This event will take place on Sunday, 12th of May, 2 hours before the Castle Siege begins. Location: Aden’s Coliseum The only rule for this event is to survive! With that being said, there are no rules. Everyone at any lvl is welcomed to come. You can bring your buffers, bds, swss and etc. You can use anything you desire. Last standing player in the arena after the event begins will be rewarded with 1.000.000 Adena. Please share this event with your friends. V/R, Immabe
  23. Every server is full of bots.. that’s something is out of my control mate. You either accept that fact or you move on. I’m more interested in further development.. and if ppl really want they can stop the bots. It’s not that hard. @Juji do you think it’s possible for us to receive blessed EWC? Or is that out of the question? Hime for some reason ignores me 😑
  24. @Hime you think it’s possible to give everyone 7 blessed EWC to bring a little balance?
  25. Dear NcSoft Team! Thank you so much for letting us have such a great event!! The prizes are awesome and well worth of celebrating! Could you please increase the number of selected players who receives the reward during the participation period!?! It will be much appreciated by majority of players if you increase the winners from 1 to 5 players or more Players, please share your thought and support in this matter!! V/R, Immabe