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  1. Juji/Hime/whomever, I've tried for the past 6 months to get several of my "permanently closed" Classic accounts unbanned. These accounts were all around Level 20 and were routinely locked for "suspicious activity" in starting zones, when this became a regular thing for new accounts. After appealing on the first 2, they were unlocked. An appeals for the 3rd ended up with an unexpected permanent account closure for "association to exploitative accounts". As I've stated repeatedly, I have no association and that should be clear as day with a check of my IP history. Additionally, the fi
  2. That should've been a @Ceylon , for his wonderful little story about his "really nice" email. But @Zeeki is just as obtuse. So it'll stay.
  3. @Zeeki@Juji Figured I'd pop in to see how this train wreck is going. About as expected. How nice that you think you got some real response from a real person. I wonder if you'd get the same pre-formatted response if you try reporting again? Everyone else who says they were unjustly banned posted the exact same GM response I received, only the reason is changed. I actually had 2 allegedly different GM's give me the same exact reply--twice. With a trash auto ban system they have in place that locks even Level 1's for "suspicious activity", it's safe to assume they are severely und
  4. Classic is just one big waste of time--like every other iteration of this game eventually was. Garbage "bot detect" software that bans honest players, Support staff straight from the dumpster, an economy that favors adena sellers, and a toxic community complete with BR's who try to ks everything & leave trains on you for the jaja'z. Personally, I'm glad they forced me to quit before I wasted another minute on this burning trash heap.
  5. Yeah, my bad. I wasn't approaching it with a NCWest mindset. Clearly a Level 1 with a normal name doing literally nothing is as suspicious as it gets. As opposed to all the afuihauifhaufih's running around starting area's, killing every mob in one big circle.
  6. This theory doesn't hold up for my situation, though. I'm 99% positive I've only ever played official servers on this PC. I might have played a non-official server when I first built it, but those files would be long deleted and overwritten. Also, doesn't explain how I didn't start getting flagged for "suspicious activity" until I had a Level 1 go AFK right after creation last week, and zero issues with the accounts I've had and played since the first few weeks of launch. It's XIGNCODE causing the mass bans no doubt, but there's no method to this madness. And GM's couldn't care less to in
  7. The same thing happened to me on 2 accounts last week that didn't even make it past Level 2. I made the second account after the first one was banned when all I did was go AFK right after creating the new character. Both were also unbanned within 3 days. Then I had a 3rd account banned this week and was told it's for associating with exploitative accounts and is irreversible. Who were the exploitative accounts? They can't or won't say, but the 2 accounts originally unbanned are now banned once again, as of today. Just realize whatever great work you think they're doing is masqueradin
  8. @Baker I just got the same run-around from a 2nd GM. This is insane, so I'm out. Not wasting another minute playing just to watch it disappear in an instant. All the long hours grinding 100% legitimately and a little luck from the Halloween event bought me my Light Crossbow and the 3 enchants I put on it. It took only seconds for whoever or whatever to ban a fresh account using that same weapon, and now calling it "irreversible". Bullshit. So glad the only money I've spent so far was from gift cards. I'm double glad I didn't buy any of the new packs yet. I will instead be deleting the 100
  9. Ah yes, I thought up another hardcore "association with exploitative accounts". I partied with a player who was killing all the Undine mobs "for xp", as they said. Seemed strange, but I just wanted to finish the starter quest. This was at least 20 minutes before my client suddenly closed and the account locked, though. I saw in another thread that players were banned for partying with a known botter. Seriously, if this is the reason WTF? This is beyond retarded.
  10. So I've been updated on my locked account status and it's really a piece of work. My 2 hour or so old level 18, that only ever did their starter quest, is to be permanently closed because a certain GM said it's "associated with exploitative accounts". Let's go thru these previous two accounts that were locked (and then unlocked), shall we? Account #1: Didn't type one line of chat or hit a single gremlin, or trade with anyone. Locked for "suspicious activity" while I had AFK'd just after creating the only character on the account. Account #2: I made sure to gain a level before going A
  11. All these know-it-all's have no clue. I have 10 Classic accounts--I've used 7 on and off since launch, and only 3 that I've made recently have been locked for "suspicious activity". The first locked account didn't even move out of the noob area or even hit a gremlin before I came back to find it was locked. Yeahh, real extreme botting there smart guys! The second I made sure to kill a few mobs before going AFK (only for about 5 mins), and it was locked as well when I came back. The third one (today), I made it to level 18 and was in the middle of finishing the last part of the start
  12. Even if there are botters/ adena farmers deservedly getting the boot, there are perfectly innocent players getting screwed over by this garbage software. Just had my 3rd new account banned. The first two were made last week, the most recent was created today. The first I went AFK awhile right after creating it and came back to a closed client, then the "suspicious activity detected" when I tried logging back in. So I figured they must ban lowbies for hanging around the noob area. The second I made sure to kill some mobs before taking a quick AFK. 5 minutes later, I came back to
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