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  1. 8 response pages. Will a single herb bring Plundersplains? all mobe taken away? @Hime Is there nothing about the adena nerd?
  2. Will there be any new areas for cultivating adena as plunders plains? or even Land Of Chaos? or just stir in the base of xp? because my prestige pack expires and my rare acc ends in 3 days in 2 chars if I don’t even renew
  3. @Juji my lvl ia 110 mobe ia with But no haver adena drop
  4. Nothing adena in plundersplains? No haver this comentes in patch note
  5. Huge lag Screen freezing Random disconnection all the time I don't have 1 char logged in that another one falls impossible to play but my prestige the time does not stop this all after the new att
  6. @Juji now yes everything is normal so far, no delay, no lag, no random Disconet, congratulations now sorry for the stress caused all these days =) and please re buff the gm I lost the time you give =)
  7. There will be gm buff later because at that time there will be no way to get it. Gmt +3
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