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  1. Hey, Just wanted to ask how to get the Moonknight armor set, because the npc in gludin village does not give that quest anymore?
  2. Hello! I'm trying to find a clan, im playing with an orc shaman currently its lv21. I love playing support class. Please feel free to leave message here or you can find me in game with the following name: Skulptra
  3. Hi Mishi! I have already applied to the clan before, altough I had final exam at University, so I couldnt afford to play Lineage 2. But now, I have graduated, so I can play actively. Currently my Orc Shaman is lv21. I have no other characters. Please let me know, if you're still recruiting to the clan. My ingame name is Skulptra.
  4. Hi LoanWolf! I've done all the required registration / introduction! Best: Skulptra
  5. Hi LoanWolf! I'd like to join to you clan. I'm 32 years old working 8-9 hours a day but i can play 4 hours after work every day, obviously more on weekends. I am currently a lv20 Orc Shaman (did first class quest today). Gonna be warcryer. I dont have any other characters / boxes. I prefer playing with real humans. Ingame you can find me just pm: Skulptra Cheers.