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  1. Rim Kamaloka is a cool event but progress has been very slow, particularly for those with standard or sub-standard gear. I sincerely hope you guys will consider extending it a couple more weeks to give some of us time to get useable items out of it. I missed only three days but have only been able to get to +2 and my conqueror bracelet still gives higher stats.
  2. Using all of my spare time to do wish pot quests for my friends who were playing Overlords because that was the only way to get Heart of Pa'agrio spellbook. Knocked out a few pairs of Demon Gloves too... What was the wish quests NPC name again?
  3. Sounds like instead of classifying a hit as PVP or PK by the flagged/unflagged status of the target when the hit lands it will be classified by the status when the hit is cast, so that if a prospective scammer changes his or her status during casting the caster does not gain a PK count.
  4. We need more info. How is it fixed? What changed? What won't the PK griefers be able to do that they were able to do before? What about AOE payers, will they be protected from being tricked red? I get the feeling that you aren't sure yourself as yet how the changes will work, is your team being afforded the chance to test them out or will we be testing them in game by seeing how much gear is lost? Will there be any consequences for players who are found to be engaging in griefing tactics?
  5. That's exactly what it was, and shame on me for not figuring it out on my own. Thank you for the help, everyone!
  6. I have noticed that since Fafurion the skill Rebirth skill does not always effect every party member. Even if they are right on top of the caster there is sometimes 1 or 2 that get no mana regen. Has anyone else has this issue?
  7. If you think macro users are getting rich or getting some giant advantage in levelling over doing raids and dailies your wrong. At 103 It still takes over 6 months to make a level, even if your averaging 20 hours a day running and the adena drops don't even cover shot. Item drops are virtually non existent, maybe two armor pieces a year and spoils/mat drops offer little.The macros are just a means for players that have no other way to progress in game but still want to come in and be involved for an hour or so after work a way to stay current and that is a good thing for a game that has a seri
  8. Wont be the same without GMSpam running around mass blocking bots and then trash talking them in GM Chat. Just sayin.....
  9. It must be a struggle, being a community manager for this or any online game. So many people come in here just to heckle. It's actually a pretty decent event, it works as advertised, and the price is right on this one. Good luck to you all!
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