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  1. any ideas how to survive playing a dagger in this server? lvl 45 atm, mobs drops 180 adena each(not all of them, some of them drops nothing), costs me around 170 adena in shots to kill one. Cant afford to use healing potions, or any luxury potions from grocery store, don't have money to use gatekeeper, so have to run everywhere. Feeling kinda pis*ed when i think that theres people which aoe mobs in fixed adena drop rate zones. No way i can kill anything there, nobody takes my poor dagger to a party. Im so frustrated right now.
  2. btw i farm cruma tower (the fixed zone) and in 3 hours farm a day i get like 10-20 OO drops(not spoils), this is what it should be, i dont know, how they can fix 1 spot and leave the other one completely messed up like that
  3. Better go and ban bots in game and don't waste your time here. They're always in same spots, every day, 24/7. I can even make you guys a map where u can find them, so all you gotta do is press a ban button, how about that? Haven't seen GM in game so far. What are you guys even doing all the time? Deleting posts in forum?
  4. that has been the most terrible customer support I've ever seen the game is poorly modified and worse than a random illegal server and they're trying to convince me, that is has to be this way. Guys please wake up, it supposed to be an official server, so if spots are fixed in <5% areas of the map, rest must be fixed too ASAP. My friend quit a week ago, even tho he donated 100$ for both of his chars and i was like saying you'll regret it, they will fix adena rates on 28th, he was laughing at me saying - he knows NCSOFT, i guess he was right. One more time, terrible support, even if u fix e
  5. hi, whats the spoil rate of the server? for example if i check l2wiki and it says 75% how many times i have to divide it to get the correct %? would be nice to know the rates, so we can plan how long it would take to spoil things
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