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  1. Cant use auto next target isssue i have :(( after last Maintenance
  2. xXTiaraXx


    this is real joke
  3. xXTiaraXx


    What is the need of this queue,why you put it,as a customer i need to know is ther an expalnable reason to do the login to server so hard.And this whay you will make even more lag ,becose ppl will not logout ever so they not have to whate you queue.Think mor for your custemers NcSoft Tank you and i hope it will be romuved sooner then you say decembr 2th omg it will make me never more buy coins and spend my mony here.
  4. Why teleport fee is real now do it pls free agen or many ppl will leave the game forever ://///
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