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  1. 1st test 101 cardinal with +8 bloody set and +5 bloody weapon + rose, NcPlay Dev: ok kill easy mobs and kill a take a bit with boss, is too ez lets make it harder! 2nd test 101 cardinal with +8 bloody set and +5 bloody weapon + rose, NcPlay Dev : ok die on 1st round and boss are almost impossible, use this settings from second test to NCwest... they have top donators so they cand make it without problems. NCmail employee: but is free to play many lvl 100 have not either bloody set +6 or weapon. NcPlay Dev : keep sending mail this is buissiness, repack and s
  2. Thes Event is just not fair for everyone, it was unthought, not balanced for each class or levels just like kartia 99-104,105-110, etc., healer can not hit like feoh, iss not enought DPS, if you have healer/iss, tank/iss, etc-. and dont have over Professiona items (top purchase items), you cant do something... tricks can help but please marks in drop are 25, 40, 60... i can not find the coherence or maths. its my suggestion to cancel this event and make new one with a better brain!! thanks.
  3. @Conguero Now the Event got more winnes and Coins move out to market! thanks Ncosft you alraedy think about customers!! i was in error ppl working righte now for our satisfaction i love you all ncosoft!.
  4. Change tittle to "April's Fool Event"... so everyone will understand and laugth from all about this no more mad ppl,
  5. They went out of Ideas thinking ítems are all in games cuz Money moves them out, so they are not thinking about customers... sorry dude someone tell before 2 years ago this will be the beginning of the ending, and this idea to get back players or get new customers its like VNDragonx says "Trash", Trash ideas, trash event, trash attempt, trash developers, trash World, trash bugs, trash pk afk macro well done developers, oh i forgot they dont make nothign just buy and modify settings the brains are not enoght, to conquer the world. ;/ i smell a ban ?
  6. Freya has a winner, Darkcronus if i remember, but Prize never mailed to him LOL!!!! still a fail... why dont quit this event.... feed back its full filled about quit this event and just give GM buffs
  7. yeah u have more chance to win in real lottery than a free event from NCsoft
  8. @Conguero i did it i found the bug on your "proverbial roll of the dice to determine if a winner will be chosen." #Define Nclimit=1000; choosen(a); if stringID(online)then( if (NcoinVault=++Dolars),dice(); dice(b) { Connected=StringID($bankaccount); if connected (ItemID(on),return(false),if connected(Ítem(off),Return(Selected); else if connected(ItemID(on) and Ncoinvault<"nclimit),return (false) else Return(false)} maybe i did some mistake;
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