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  1. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363818597 part2: trying "work" on this as much as time affords me same guys, same spots, I even use the "bell button" on some, maybe they will be gone some day...in 2021?! njoy! > LF adena for D bow / SSng/arrows,ty
  2. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    "wop wop there's the sound da la POLICE !" https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363627319 just chillin' killing ... "silent players"...they are nothing more ...
  3. [content moderated] Hi ! ...no comment. Giran Server, losing free time "on cleaning services" . Nicks of the "auto guys" u can find in the video. Maybe they get ban(some of them with D weps botting >.>), if a friend of mine with who I play together got banned for NOTHING (used nothing and he was accused of 3rd pt program), and the support guys don't want to unban him, I decided to do...something! Thanks, with regards, DarkAlex!
  4. {GIRAN}-DAOS-Romanian Clan-recruteaza

    UP - INCA RECRUTAM !! - DAOS - ! suntem 20-30 de oameni, avem si un clan secundar lvl 3 + expbuff pt boxuri / low lvls pm "DAOS / "J5 #GiranServer
  5. @Hime who won the Xmas contest? the one with the photo, no news,nothng?
  6. @GiranServer - Fat Dorf vs. Archers,Sws,wc,bish(akat bows,dances,songs) DarkAlex wishes you all l2 community, HAPPY NEW YEAR, full of good things and many full drops in 2019 https://youtu.be/nj2XGudj5bA ps. dunno why quality sucks rly that bad >.<
  7. WTB Chain Set - 3(helm,armor,pants) or more parts! - PM "DarkAlex
  8. WTS- Haste spellbook !

    WTS Sb : Haste - 5.9kk - pm / mail DarkAlex / GicaHagi
  9. {GIRAN}-DAOS-Romanian Clan-recruteaza

    up- still recruiting Romanian players! Mai avem doar cateva locuri disponibile in clan pentru oameni activi !!! - activity lvl 3/ farm box lvl 3 (tragem zi de zi) ! "pm - DAOS / Wody - Giran server
  11. Salut, suntem un grup de 15-20 persoane active, DAOS clan lvl 3(tragem la PoB-uri pt lvl 4), activitatea medie spre mare(mai si lucram ce sa facem, inca n-am castigat la lotto), suntem in cautare de persoane care au placerea de a juca impreuna, activi zilnic daca se poate(pt clan reward). Facem party-uri organizate, ne ajutam la PvP, incercam si CC-uri pt RBs....de toate! Daca esti interesat sa ni te alaturi, inseamna ca vrei sa folosessti si Discordul cu noi tot timpul in care jucam!!! Discord + Lineage!!! pt o comunicare folositoare si in joc si sa ne cunoastem mai bine! Pt mai multe info sau intrebari - PM "DAOS / Wody in joc - Giran server
  12. WTS-Full plate Helmet FULL- top C

    WTS - FP Helmet full - top C (set part) - pm "DarkAlex in game ps: real offers! not 1kk jokes!