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  1. Lineage II NA just turned 16

    :))))))))))) long live L2 PvE :<
  2. So How much money have you lost?

    you are just sick with over 100 going for thousands >.<
  3. EXP nerved

    man........ they ..the NCsoft ppl, said it will be 1 more week...now we see its OFF ....again a "fail" ....after so many...how do PPL who work for NC feel ?! I am really curious...If I go to work...fail 1 thing today....1 tommorow....after 1 week again I make something bad..... I would feel like s**t.......really....I am curious if the "developers" or w/e do this are interested about us...the ppl who play here 3k-4k-5k or how many we are.............. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. I bet not
  4. [G]OLD Gludio Castle -1st siege-Incoming

    Got videos/screens ? post them! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/374862325
  5. {GIRAN}-DAOS-Romanian Clan-recruteaza

    RECRUTAM ROMANI 40+ ! CLAN PRINCIPAL raid bossi zilnic,ajutor la pvp,FoM Daily, DISTRACTIE ! / sub lvl 40-clan secundar lvl 3, DAR ACTIVI care chiar doresc sa inceapa si sa joace aici zilnic !!! +DISCORD NON STOP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj2XGudj5bA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alBQ_dG4BAo
  6. What are you waiting for? Go register and have fun on the 1st Siege of Giran Server! https://youtu.be/alBQ_dG4BAo
  7. CHs in Giran , Congrats!

    Giran+Aden main towns Congrats for your efforts to get a New Home , hope I didn't missed anyone
  8. {GIRAN}-DAOS-Romanian Clan-recruteaza

    UPPPPPPPP RECRUTAM ROMANI !!!!! Inca mai avem cateva locuri (3) in main clan! si 5 in clanul secundar! va asteptam !!

    what about weekly (or like 2 days / week) PvP event on all servers? Could be different days on each server so u can organise it better and give rewards some Boxes(like in aden instance for example) or something like that? This would really cheer up the community ,and give a shot for all ppl to have fun on pvp even if they are solo players. (or u can do random 3 v3 teams(full random!) @Hime
  10. Boss Drop Rates admins?

    I never saw armor / weapon PARTS ! droped on any RB ....wtf ...this is 1st server ever where u get no parts on RBs only full.... lf official answers tbh
  11. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    yap the one & only
  12. Rare class

    Overlord / Paladin
  13. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/365502754 part 4 - near dion plains,EG,etc made 5k from ACTIVE ppl looking for more adena for a better Bow! 'njoy!
  14. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/365000157 part 3 , same zerg in EG ...too much carnage for 1 guy with NG wep! still waiting small payment(u can mail) for mid D bow >>> today made 60k+some ssng/arrows from ppl !
  15. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363818597 part2: trying "work" on this as much as time affords me same guys, same spots, I even use the "bell button" on some, maybe they will be gone some day...in 2021?! njoy! > LF adena for D bow / SSng/arrows,ty