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  1. ( i loved doing trains with destroyer on pre-classic game versions and it was the only viable way of play this game for me ) But few days ago i read that on classic destroyers cant run trains because they can hit only 3 targets max, is that true? If so then warlord is the next candidate, why WL is not discussed at all? Maybe because vampiric - the core skill making trains viable is now a different skill? That makes all the above statements invalid, your input is needed down below:
  2. So i just got happily to lvl 21 thinking - wow its not so bad, until i got server shutdown notification in my server prime time. Tried to find whats going on forums and now i see this flaming Topic started by a NC Soft representative in a really offending way like i'm some dog and should starts knowing my place. Emm..Hello?
  3. Big companies do not work that way - there is no individual approach to read your feedback and make an action. Only big sentiment is going to be taken in to account - as example bad profit = bad project itself. Nobody is going to look for you comment and notice there was a simple thing ruining the game.
  4. A simple answer to your question (don't even need to read eula) : I just launched the game and then tried second time and it says launcher /game already running. Don't you think - launching the game with bypassing this notification and actually running 2 or more copies of the game is against rules will not get you banned? Tell why do you think it is legit to run 3 accounts?
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