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  1. This isn't a Classic Server anymore, congratulations, you've ruined it.
  2. That's what you think is an acceptable patch preview one week out from launch? Okayyy...
  3. This team doesn't have a freaking clue. You've been handed an infinitely marketable product and made every poor decision possible for it's future.
  4. You do not understand how the system works. The points are a measurement of VIP time and not a consumable to spend on items. That's what VIP Coins are for.
  5. Nice mild event (genuinely appreciate buff-drop items and hunting zone trees); here's hoping the accompanying L2Store doesn't have any surprises?
  6. What are you on about? I see this brought up constantly. Making most or all of the L2Store items tradeable would in no way effect "Pay2Win"-ness. No one is adding new items, they are suggesting making the ones that already exist available for in-game adena via trading. In fact this closes the play-gap between players willing to spend Real Life Money and those who aren't - while simultaneously gutting the RMT market by offering an easy legal way to turn USD into Adena. Make no mistake - you already can do this in roundabout ways. Players buying event baits will find themselves quickly t
  7. lol Juji called you out in another thread, you were a few second late putting in your bids. Sucks, but kind of your fault. Bidding at the last second strategy can have consequences.
  8. Which clan hall was it? I want to avoid bidding on it in case it's bugged on the other servers.
  9. Imagine having a test environment to pre-deploy and test new patches in 2019.
  10. Give us an idea, what did your clan win their hall for?
  11. I believe Gludio's Clan Hall Auctions have ended. There must have been a bug, though, because of the unscheduled maintenance.
  12. That is not a fair comparison, and you know it. People dreading the take-over of Loopers is absolutely ridiculous when the same fields are currently taken by full time bot parties. Get your priorities straight.
  13. That is skirting the question. If a clan hall is bid on by multiple clans: are the losing bids returned to the losing clans WH (minus 10%?) when the Auction is over? Or does the Auction remove the funds from all clans first and only then awards the hall to the highest bidder?
  14. Interesting: A clan is declared the Castle Siege victor when they are the defenders of the castle at the end of the full two hours. The clan then owns the castle for two weeks until the start of the next Castle Siege, at which point Gludio Castle will automatically transfer back to NPC ownership. Clan members that own a Castle of Darkness can be PK’d without penalty to the killer, and the PKer even receives increased PvP value. All participants in the Castle Siege can obtain Blood Crystals by defeating Gludio Castle NPCs. Blood Crystals can be spent on Clan Skills.
  15. Servers are live and this information is now available if you login. There is no listed maximum bid. Bids are partially concealed: Players can check which clans bid on which hall and when they placed that bid, but not what the bid is. Auction Ends: 02/02/2019 07 Hour
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