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  1. Acc get banned?

    This is the problem with bot detection. People want NCSoft to aggressively pursue bots while simultaneously expecting the rate of false positives to stay low.
  2. Acc get banned?

    They have an automatic flagging system when a certain threshhold of adena is traded to a new account. This false positive happens constantly, contact support like it told you, not the forum.
  3. Yes, I've been fishing overnight with Event bait and during the day while no parties are going. It's not enough to prefer staying in town over hunting (good!) but is a nice way to get some passive % overnight. I think the XP for this event is actually really well done.
  4. New here

    There will be a quest for a non-tradeable armor set at 25. Focus on upgrading your weapon. Get the most out of every drop - crush things that aren't upgrades (once you get into dion/cruma and some low D jewelry drops), sell base materials in your player shop, and determine if key mats are worth keeping or selling to NPC shop. You can buy low and sell high. Once you get a little gear under you belt you can make an alt to farm low level quests and zones for adena (which can later be your boxed buffer); This game is not like many other hand-holding MMOs that try to appeal to a broad market. It's much more like a sandbox - you have to create the solutions!
  5. What does that have to do with the problem in the OP? That is completely different symptomatically.
  6. The people working on bug fixes and the people working on new feature updates are different people. And neither of them is in America. You all act like NCSoft is a literal person who can only be working on one thing at any given moment. Chill out man, with the clan hall announcement we should be getting B dual stamps next month.
  7. I think it was transparently a DDOS. Probably from a disgruntled user or competing server.
  8. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    Well, it's just been announced that 3rd Class Change Quests will be enabled at the end of February. Month and a half notice is better then nothing I guess. This feels about 6 months to a year too soon.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/XdMLGua
  10. Say what you will, but I think it's too soon for some of this content.
  11. It's actually sanctioned by NCSoft. How do I know? Playing on Live Servers you can gift L2Store items directly to another character or you can trade many of them in-game. I was scammed over a year ago for a large L2Store purchase that was sent as a gift after a trade deal had been made in PMs. The other character did not honor the deal. My L2Store purchase was refunded and the offending character was banned. And it is a good thing it's sanctioned. This is a way to cut the middle-man (botters and adena sellers) out of the equation and gives the profits to NCSoft. Everytime a company has offered an RMT-Like-Item in their sanctioned micro-transaction stores it has resulted in elimination of demand from botting and currency selling. That's what happens when you grey-market a black-market.
  12. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    How many times do they have to say they are being targeted by DDOS? If it was something they could fix easily they would have.
  13. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/16

    Stop quoting a 30 line post just to add 4 words saying it didn't work for you. It's like some of you have never used a forum before.
  14. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    I can't find the original wording since the source page content has since changed (the Classic Launch Notes) but here is Hime referencing that they originally marketed these servers as being content capped at 70. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10444-so-level-cap-is-a-70-soft-cap-wrong/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-78280
  15. What is the level cap?

    There is no hard XP cap implemented into this version of the game. Some members (including me) have been petitioning the community managers to add one to the game since it was discovered one doesn't exist: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10577-level-cap/