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  1. Pendants are worse than bots, as much as you gonna try to dispute that - its true.
  2. bro, this is not a dotcom boom where everyone wanted to scoop up .com names. This is l2, where xXxSuperDuperFighterxXx is more valuable than your stupid 1 letter names to most of the population.. GTFO, go buy some domain names.
  3. Why eat when you can have dragon pendant
  4. so you want a free server without a p2w model. GL with that. Go play skelth which has been dead for a year with a few people paying to keep the server upkeep. Better yet, go to lineage2 revolution then you will really see a p2w model.
  5. they dont answer on the weekends, this was an autolock that will most likely be lifted
  6. don't forget to shut the lights off on your way out
  7. Can you write something cool about losing to clan Enclave? Maybe a little story with some pictures.
  8. What is the highest lvl difference the 2 chars can be in order for the lower level to get exp? Lets say mage 60 and SE 50 lvl. Will SE get exp? Or does it have to be 9 levels? Does the exp change between 3 lvl and 9lvl difference?
  9. dude, you do realize that you have to level up your buffs. Once leveled, CH are so much more worth that is why it is key to get them early for cheap.
  10. some people just dont appreciate long term value of perm ch...smh you know you can get more buffs from blood crystals right? dual craft stamps etc.... jesus
  11. dude you need blood crystals to get more buffs, you get them in siege.
  12. Still have a few slots left, We have ADEN Clan Hall Message me here in forum.
  13. I would do wizard as main damage and box SE AND BD.
  14. Are you honestly that suprised? lol
  15. "We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience, as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter we will take appropriate action, based on our findings. However, please understand that privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the results of our findings. Thank you for your time and understanding." /s
  16. We're planning to be LvL 4 and are looking for CPs or smaller clans that would want to merge with us. Our Level range is 45-60.
  17. just email them, this is an autolock that gets triggered sometimes on new accounts
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