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  1. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Guys don't bother ! Since classic servers are up, they don't give a f@#ck for live servers. Artifact boxes was the great exodus for a while and this promo went really good for them. you could see thousands of artifact boxes in sell stores. And then boom ! After that they focused on classic servers, even that they do it miserably. Wrong drop rates/EXP even the vip package was wrong missing something. Queue in classics is taking ages , an ertheia class was created by mistake. Amazing things Official site was totally erased and there's no information about past promos and events. Now new server arise in classic , while here there's no people left , they don't even bother to attract new players or so they don't do anything for old ones. Soulshots/spiritshots bug is here to stay for more than a month. Simply they don't care. They just post something in forum like they do care but bullsh!@#it! like throwing to a dirty old dog a bone. They pretend to arrange for a new event ! As juji said "upcoming event would be so much fun" YAY new event ! Actually this event is a daily instance in fulfurion update. Even though they mess the things little more. As Nuky said new instance aka new event dropped a material for upgrading r110 weapons. Hime said It is an UNINTENDED item drop from the event boss monsters ! Also Accessory solvent as reward u can exchange with Merkios marks supposed to be from the next update ! So everything works fine ! They are throwing a bone and all are happy ! We have the free to play event we wanted and we may pay some billions adena to manage to have something valuable ! Great !
  2. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Hime @Juji Instead of trying some new updates like this instance in live servers (that's an fulfurion update daily instance) and pretending that's an event (as juji said "next event would be fun") , better remove it. Do a rollback and better focus on Soulshots/Spiritshots lag that have been around for more than 1 month now. At least it would be an achievement if you do that
  3. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    yea that luc is more than desirable ... actually how can u hit at least 60 luck under 1 bilion, is it possible ?
  4. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    Could u explain that or sharing your wisdom ?
  5. The Spring Harvest is Here!

    @Conguero, Greetings Sir , 14th anniversary and The Spring Harvest event seems to be good ! Rewards lists are great too. I'd like to ask what is "Mochi" refers as reward and hope the drop rate to be better than previous hunting events. Cheers.
  6. Greece Monkeylover. Moonlight sentinel 81/ adventurer 80. From 2006-2010 devianne, 2011 til god release on bartz. Toon deleted. Currently digitalm evi/yul 101 and lfc on chronos and a helping hand for grinding! Quitted after god release and came back like 10 months ago.. Game isn't the same at all, but still dion has the greatest ost! Cheers
  7. I'm wondering if the lottery is real and people do get the rewards except the orianna's coins. cuz it seems so fake to me. The announcements should also refer to the winner 's name. Sounds much more realistic rather than " we've got a winner". name the winner!! It matters alot