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  1. Forgot Character's PIN

    Well , I submitted a ticket more than an hour ago and still nobody answered me. I guess this will take years. Cheers
  2. Forgot Character's PIN

    Hey PhoenixMitra , This would only help me if I already knew my character PIN. I actually need something else. I forgot it and I cannot change it anymore , I somehow need to reset it.
  3. Hello everyone ! I'm new here and I am already having some troubles. I recently created a new character on the L2 Live (Server : Naia) and asked me for my character's PIN so I can start playing. Seems after searching around that I once had created another character and had already created a character's PIN but I forgot it. My questions are as following : Is this Character's PIN unique in each and every one Character ? Can I actually retrieve my old PIN back ? Can I reset my Character's PIN ? How long will it take to do such actions ?