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  1. Of course, some people were around for the “good ol’ days” of Lineage II. We remember multiple servers Bartz, Kain, Devianne, Erica, Gustin, Lionna, Sieghardt, Hindemith, Teon, Franz, and Luna. Maybe some others, but I can’t remember 2004 was forever ago. The game launched, and of course, they wanted to capitalize on all time zones; of course, they made multiple servers with different timezones. Maybe making as much money as possible to appease the stockholders and see significant bonuses for the CEO made them want to have all these servers. Does that ring a bell? Also, at the time, NC Interac
  2. No, unfortunately, the US is way behind on the laws. Hopefully, soon they will catch up and be like the other countries which require companies to post the rate percentages. My guess is that ring was still a .0001% chance @GrandpaRick
  3. @Nevermind Nice, I like the way you think. I'd say, why stop there? Why not all of them at AC and OB, too.
  4. @Juji Does this item last forever? Or is it 30 days?
  5. @woopwoop The link gives me a 500 error
  6. @muGle Either works. It downloads the game for both servers. When you log in you need to make sure you select the "classic" servers
  7. "The owners of clan halls that can be auctioned on Aden or Gludio will be reimbursed Adena for the loss of the clan halls. The Adena reimbursement will be distributed to the clan warehouse during the merge and will be calculated based on the original purchase price and the duration for which the clan hall was owned." Is there any information on this? How much will be reimbursed? Essentially those of us from Aden and Gludio are being royally screwed over. The average sell price on Talismans is 400+K, almost double what you would pay. Oh, not to mention there are no clan halls availa
  8. Wow wow wow. I think you guys are forgetting the vast improvement to the VIP system. I mean who doesn't want to spend over 100+ USD a month to keep VIP 7 and the rewards are so amazing it's a must *Rolls Eyes*. Definitely nothing new to me. It seems they "try" to make things better but only if we give more money
  9. It's pretty depressing the QA and just overall lack of caring coming from NC Soft now. You have paying customers and continuously fail.
  10. We are having the same problem again. @Juji A grade weps aren't tradeable
  11. Yeah, Olympiad is dead to me since they decided to make it in the middle of my workday. I believe it should be done twice a day on a 12 hr rotation so everyone can join. With that said, no reward, I am okay with that.
  12. @fantastic I would do minus men than since you'll want the most out of your attack for Oly and you can increase the men back with the extra stats after 76
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