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  1. Spoil recipes

    If I remember people were spoiling the BW on the Devil's isle mobs
  2. @Hime @Juji - Really??? One year anniversary was literally just those buffs? The buffs that you gave out from 4 PM - 5 PM on a West Coast server (-8 GMT) which means most people are at work. What a JOKE!
  3. @4Eva Consistent 50% EXP/SP boost for two weeks. However, Adena and Item Drops are only boosted on weekends
  4. Can't get into the game

    Does nobody read what Hime writes? Or use fundamental math? Below will be your answer Game servers will be down for maintenance for beginning Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 4 a.m. PDT / 6 a.m. CDT / 7 a.m. EDT / 1300 GMT+2 will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes.
  5. Can't get into the game

    @SoupyGoose Servers are down for like another 2 hours
  6. Yeah, I am so over Disconnecting every day multiple times a day. I believe I have good internet 150/150 up and down. My PC only has Lineage 2 on it and I run 3 clients. I never had a single issue until they started messing with everything
  7. Been waiting for half an hour now and nothing... It also doesn't tell me I have x amount of matches left for the week? Should the reset day for Olympiad be Friday and not Saturday?? @Juji@Hime
  8. @Juji I think Aden needs a restart, too. I cannot purchase the anniversary gift box on any of my characters. https://imgur.com/a/H2wCj66
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    No, just another cat blessing. Since that extra 30% for an hour entirely makes up for three days lost
  10. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Don't have an answer NP lets post this up Friday afternoon while we take the weekend off. Thanks a ton, NCSoft! Love using four seven-day fishing rods and not playing for three days so far

    Well, the question is if they merged the server which timezone would they use? Being on the West coast the -8 is why I chose the server.
  12. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    @Juji If that's the case I want my +6 bow back. You allowed all these others to keep their weapons.
  13. To add to this. If you are from the following countries, I am sorry, but you cannot access the game. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017506-Blocked-Countries Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus China Cuba Georgia Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova North Korea Russia Sudan Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan
  14. What country are you from @Mauricio ?
  15. Blue Gem?

    I couldn't get a blue gem either.