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  1. If you guys continue developing this kind of money over money events we won't get new community members who want to invest in this server. Old school left to classic servers and 4k people (Naia+Chronos) is not leaving live server because we invested NCoins to geared our toons. Day by day people is selling a lot of gear to leave live servers!!!. What are you doing to stop this?, what are your plans to keep live servers alive?, selling books for extra passive skills in l2 store, that's the plan????... common guys, we are not blind, are you killing live servers?, they are already dying and N
  2. I just lost 3 seconds reading something really stupid...
  3. Lol this is so funny... I can't count with my fingers how many months MS needed to took Aden... what is the reason to post this useless topics on forum when Chronos is ruined by MS?
  4. MS ruined Chronos server and you are asking for PvE or PvP clans?. block this useless topic please...
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