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  1. Pliss 3 cuentas for ip adress... No limit its the problem...
  2. It is possible to change the respow for a time gap in the alligator island mini raid .. it is not possible for 1 person to take all the drops there. Exeq7er is 7/24 hours bot? and all the drops are from him ... and if one picks up a drop it kills you .. Let's make the game fair. Pk must have some sanction or change the time of random respow ..
  3. Gms: Any intention to fix this????
  4. Bajen los precios, esta muy caro.. too expensive
  5. For people who have suffered this scam is very good. It is not possible for people to become millionaires because of this bug. I lost because I was 10 minutes afk. It's not fair.. Well done.
  6. please fix this problem ... today I was a victim and droped many things ...
  7. Pliss Ncsoft Staff, fix this... in 5 minutes I was afk, I was a victim of this ... it's not normal for it to happen ...
  8. Hello, to enchant the circle, will they be the same bad rates? If so, to refrain from buying.
  9. I spent 100 dolars I have nothing util...
  10. How is it possible that this pack is worse than last year? instead of improving we go back ... They do not realize that they have just merged 3 servers due to lack of people and interest. Staff start to deliver good and useful things please ..
  11. Luc + 67.- MY EXPERIENCE, I had a cloak pvp +3. buy only 5 scroll to try, the cloak is now +2 .- A loss of money. nor crazy spending 100 dollars...
  12. congratulations to the creative committee, this time exceeded its limit ... and what happened to improve the event ... you think that placing 1 scroll that does not download is solved ??
  13. Nothing to do here...... Another event bad...
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