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  1. Posts are going down

    Apart from people already leaving in masses, people that stayed already gave up on the moderators team/forums, or making suggestions, or "crying" since they don't even get a respond from the "team". On top of that, many posts are getting deleted.
  2. I don't know if you guys feel the same way as I do, but after the announce that no changes will be made in adenas etc etc, it just feels sad, to play probably the ONLY game in the entire gaming universe where when you proceed, instead of getting stronger, you are getting weaker. NO this is not a games fault, nor MY fault, its the adenas rate + drop rate on mats/bugged spoil on higher level mobs. Please, if you are not 40+ level do not try to justify the broken things in this server. To sum it up, it's sad that a Necro with full C grade gear + CDL 3 shots mobs in EV top spot for 700 adenas and a Mage of lv 28 with top D weapon can 2 shot mobs in FT/AC/PH for the same amount of adenas. and please do not start with "FIND AOE CP, MAKE WL FOR AOE" been there, done that, still doesn't justify the fact that 30 lvl mobs are better value for money and money source than 50+