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  1. Really should have included enchant Atlas scrolls in mentor/mentee mark rewards list. Make them 200,000 cost if you must. But with you reducing mobs and spawn rates, limiting chance of new players by closing character creation after the 13th, you're only making it impossible for most people to get the scrolls. Most of the active people in this game are already over 105.
  2. Bow/Crossbow Attack Speed

    It's very hard to tell difference PVE. But PVP give two players with same stuff, albeit one with Xbow and other with Bow and have both launch with attack skill you will see a minutely small difference in which lands first, bolt over arrow. Not really worth acknowledging tbh.
  3. Atlas Earring +12

    Wish I was diehard like you guys. It will take me a 3-4 months to level up enough mentees to get a +12 Atlas. They need to arrange it so you can just buy the scrolls with mentor coins.
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    Got it. Thanks!
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    Oh. So Mentor only gets coins, but no enchant scrolls? The mentee got the earring, but no enchant scroll. Or is it the case that mentee will start to get scrolls once it becomes a mentor and their new mentee graduates? Confused.
  6. I play Storm Screamer. I notice when I use an AOE that kills more than one mob I only hear one ding and see one kill on the quest item notification counter. For example, say I kill 4 Abandon Mines monsters with one Updraft spell. When I look at counter, however, I only see the number increase by 1. It happens all of the time. Is that a normal feature, or is there something wrong with the game?
  7. Which Class Levels The Fastest (Solo) Now?

    Good advice. I chose Storm Screamer. Their AOEs are so powerful that I was able to level very quickly to 103. The only drawback is that on some quests when your AOE kills a bunch of mobs in one spell, you only get credit for 1 quest item. Killing 40,000 mobs for Exalt quest is going to take forever. I wonder if that is a glitch or pure design feature?
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    +1000000 Not only that, but when one of my mentees reached 105, my mentor character did not automatically receive an Atlas earring enchant scroll via mail as indicated. Is that a glitch that needs to be patched? Or is there something else that the mentor character needs to do...like talk to an NPC, or complete a quest?
  9. New update and I want to get to 105+ fast. Which class levels the quickest now? Sorry, no bot trains here, just me on a mission. I have about a week and a half to commit. Things in school pick up dramatically after that.
  10. Red Libra: Elysium Weapons & Player Stats?

    I'm sure you found answer by now, but for future reference... Elysium Weapon Bonuses I. Dualsword (probably same for all Fighter weapons): P.Atk +6% Atk Speed +15% P.Atk Crit. Rate +82 P.Atk Crit Damage +7% P. Skill Crit. Damage +10% Max HP/MP/CP +15% ii. Buster (probably same for all Magic weapons, except Retributer): M. Atk +6% Casting Speed +15% M. Skill Crit Rate +25% M. Skill Crit Damage +10% Max HP/MP/CP +15% iii. Retributer (Best of both worlds. Summoners should never complain ): P.Atk +6% M. Atk +6% Atk Speed +15% Casting Speed +15% P.Atk Crit. Rate +82 M. Skill Crit Rate +25% P.Atk Crit Damage +7% M. Skill Crit Damage +10% Max HP/MP/CP +15%
  11. Has anyone received one of these yet when opening new Zodiac pack? I have opened up almost a thousand so far. Red Star, Starlight jars and growth scrolls are all that I've seen. Low chance I get, but it shouldn't be next to impossible to get one of the Evolution stones. They need to increase drop rates for those.
  12. GM Buffs that don't disappear

    I see someone is getting ready to level some dual class alts.
  13. Brooch Jewels Pool

    oh yeah! +
  14. Tell Us About Your Computer

    i7 9700K, RTX 2070 Don't need that much for this game, though. I once played on my grandparents' HP PC when I visited them over the holidays. It has an older i3 or i5 in it an only integrated graphics. Nothing special.
  15. Cloaks: Flash Sale?

    Can we get a flash sale on cloaks and related items this week? I'm tired of people shouting for +11 - +18 Elmore cloaks on my server all of the time. There is literally no way to make them now since all of the 1-9 level enchant scrolls are all gone and to make matters worse, only one person has Legendary scrolls and he's charging an arm, leg and your first born child for them. A truly unreachable fee, especially when you consider the abysmally low success rate of turning a normal cloak into Legendary. Come one, help your player base out and have a 48 hour sale of cloak stuff.