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  1. Isn't it also for normal arrow attack too, not just melee attack? I think that is what the OP is trying to point out -- that the ranged equivalent of the archer, i.e., a mage, doesn't exactly get the same boosts from the jewel that is designed for that class. Of course, people who play mage need to remember that there was a time when almost everyone played a mage and the only way for NCSoft to institute balance was to make mages less "all powerful" in every way. So they can't get all the exact same boosts as the other classes.
  2. Just to be clear, he'll get a +13 Bloody Krishna Bow. Depending on the market prices, it might be cheaper to do it that way. Unfortunately, he just missed the HEWR event where players made a bunch of +12 Krishna Throwers for just the cost of the bow. I made a +14 one that I sold relatively cheap.
  3. You'll have to ask NCSoft that question. They are the ones who designed it to keep the high scores of the top 3 or so players. Plus, the number of boxes you get is based on your score, so in a sense, you are competing against their points award system. No need to get any deeper than that, I imagine.
  4. Because Rim is meant to be a competition, I doubt if they'll ever do anything drastic to even the playing field between DDs and Support. It wouldn't make sense for them to do that. But maybe one day they'll have an event that caters more to support than DD? That would take some imagination, but anything is possible, I guess.
  5. My above reply to Mafas answers your question. The resistance skill that a healer gets serves as an additional buff that helps other party members, not just the healer. Enchanting the skill turns it from a purely defensive buff into an offensive buff as well. Even a "full defensive healer" at some point has to hit something and help out his mates actually kill something. The problem with this game is that too many people focus on the "big ticket" items and completely ignore the small things that help increase productivity. They'd rather pay tens, if not hundreds of billions for an acces
  6. Only if "every little bit helps" is a guiding principle. At +10, your resistance skill will give you an additional 6.4% m.atk or 4.6% p.atk to you AND your party members depending on which enchant path you choose. By contrast, a +5 Greater Kaliel bracelet only gives 3% more p.atk/m.atk. Even with chance of fail for skill enchants and overpriced costs of Superior Codex, it won't cost 28 billion adena to enchant that skill to +10. Of course, feel free to go higher to +20 if you have the SP, adena and resources for that. That will give you and the party about 9% p.atk or 12% m.atk. Not
  7. Curious. Not sure which healer type you play, but what level enchant is your Melee Weapon Resistance, Ranged Weapon Resistance, or Elemental Resistance and did you choose Might or Empower?
  8. Yeah, I've been getting C grades on my 106 ISS who is in basic Blessed Exalted gear, Commando belt, level 3 Venir, etc. Really low level gear. I don't even have an artifact book on that character. I have him set up for Warrior tree, though, with +5 STR dies, so at least he can tickle mobs. I buff him with POM (at least for first 5 minutes) and Crippling Dance, and Healer buffs that are enchanted with Might. Every little bit helps. Maybe tomorrow I'll farm some of the cheap Christmas talismans and see if that helps my score. With Rim, players probably have to tweak their ISS a bit and pl
  9. Huh? Am I missing something? Agree, it's pretty easy and relatively cheap to make a +5 Kaliel Bracelet. But after that, it gets pricey ... and in some respects, cost prohibitive. To make it a Greater Kaliel Bracelet, you'll need 12 Crystals of Dawn. That's about 24 Billion adena, based on current market prices for the Dawns. You're better off monitoring the market, because there are people selling the +5 Greater Kaliel's for around 30B all of the time. But continuing my math... To make it a Top Grade Kaliel, you'll need another 38 Dawn Crystals. That's 76 Billion adena, br
  10. If it's like the last time, the enchants aren't 100%. So you may not even get it to +10 before the event ends.
  11. You mean a way for only elite players to get a top item in the game? If they can remove them for a week or two, they can remove them for ever. It wouldn't hurt the majority of the player population at all.
  12. Thanks for the replies, everyone. He decided to quit and play another game after he realized that there was just too much ground to cover to catch up with everyone. It didn't help that he spent $20 on Nightmare Coins hoping to win something, only to get mostly potions and other crap that didn't really help his character kill anything or advance. This is like the third time this has happened to me over the years. I give up trying to bring friends to this game.
  13. I've said it a million times before...Red Libra should occur for two months during a major update and Stones of Destiny should be handed out freely. All in time for players to find out about stealth nerfs and general gameplay crappiness like melee attack speed issues and act accordingly.
  14. I noticed the nerf when I put an alt archer in Blazing to do the exalted quest and some hours later it had less quest items accumulated than the melee toon that I had in War Torn. That didn't use to be the case. Ever. Usually the archer would finish long before the melee. Good job screwing up a class that already takes tons of $$$$$ and equipment to properly build.
  15. If they really wanted to listen to their player base, they'd get rid of the Blood swords altogether.
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