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  1. So Long, Red Libra :(

    You will be missed.
  2. I know you say this is a serious question, but it comes across as rhetorical. You already know the answer. The better question is why is the cheating allowed? If regular players know what the elites are doing, the GMs and NCSoft knows it. After all, people in Korea cheat, too. Nothing new under the sun by the time the game gets rolled out here in the West. They could catch and kill the 3rd party stuff before it even starts. But they don't.
  3. Does changing class deletes greater rune skill?

    If the skill is common to your old and new class, you keep it. But if it's different, even if that difference is name only, you lose the skill. All archer classes get Last Chance, so you keep it.
  4. Thought I'd ask anyway. The difference between me buying 2000 more Ncoins and me not buying any more Ncoins at all. I bet several other players are making the same calculation. Sometimes a company has to look at lost opportunity costs like that and decide if their sale policies maximize their net, or detract from it.
  5. In full party, and I was already 106, so Coal wasn't an option.
  6. Party Hunting Bonus +50% not working

    @Hime @Juji Sounds like another good reason to remove 1 per account limitation of Eruption pots package.
  7. DEX is good for P. Skill Crit Rate. So, too, is Cancer Agathion. And Artifact. And the new dyes give you DEX as well as STR and CHA... so can we please stop with the zero sum thinking? You can max out DEX and STR and CHA, if you are either lucky or rich enough. More than one way to skin a cat.
  8. @Hime @Juji Is there any way you guys can please either increase the limitation to 2 packs allowed per account, or reset after the weekly update and let us buy 1 more pack? These really helped me to go from 106 to 107.8, but now I'm almost out of them. One more pack would help me get to 108-109 and then I can just slog through to 110 without them.
  9. As you can see, asking any questions on this forum is bound to result in PVP. First question I have for you is what are your in-game goals? PVP or PVE? Strike out "farming adena", because it's pretty much impossible to do that these days with the low adena drop amounts. If PVE... The +15 R99 Bloody Bow and +8 Bloody light set is fine for now. It will get you to 110. After that, yes, you are going to want an R110 Bloody or Limited Bow. Mobs now have more Attribute defense, and even if they decide to keep the herb pots around that boost players' attack attribute, the 300 attribute from R99 doesn't compare to the 450 attribute from R110. It's expensive as hell, but eventually you'll want to step up to R110. Having said that, the beauty of being an archer is that you have three viable options for a build and all work in PVE. The first is use all of your money for a top weapon. The second is to use all of your money on accessories, skill enchants, and other items that enhance an archer's lethality. The third is to do a little of the first two. I chose the second. Average weapon, but for the price that it costs to buy or make a +12 R110 Bloody or Limited, I went all in on accessories, talismans, agathions, circlets, jewels, artifacts, cloak, dyes, and on and on Focus on items that boost P. Skill Crit Damage, P. Skill Power. I can't tell you what to do PVE because there's really no wrong path. But I notice that you didn't mention an Elmore Cloak. If you don't have one of those, make that your next major purchase. If PVP... Forget about it, unless you're rich irl. There are too many elites who can 1-shot you, even if you're equipped with a +10 Limited R110 Light set and a +27 Limited Bow. You're going to need at least a Stage 1 weapon to tickle them. So focus instead on leveling. Come back here when you get to 114 or so, and we'll give you more encouraging advice. Of course by then you'll already know what's up.
  10. @Hime @Juji Please consider making Power Provoke more powerful range/area of effect-wise and giving it the option of being an automatic skill.
  11. Modify Weapon Scrolls - Blessed and Regular

    I was disappointed that the glow of +21 and up R grade didn't translate to some of the lower grades. Now I don't really care. I'm five Bloods away from getting a weapon that can't be modified anyway. I'm moving on.
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    The summons have AOE skill attacks. Are you saying that when you use those summon skills Beast Blessed SpS still aren't being consumed?
  13. Extend red ribra event please.

    They should extend it, but not for that reason. Red Libra should be a permanent feature of the game. The fact is for the first time in months people actually enjoy playing the game again now. Having Red Libra gives them the option to hunt, make changes and exchanges when they realize a path their on is wrong or too difficult for their class, and generally contribute to building a viable class of players who will invest in the game. They can have as many L2 store promotions as they want to, but nothing compares to Red Libra. They should extend it for a week or two.
  14. 109 to 110: How Long Does It Take?

    5% a day is awesome. I'm more like 1%. No runes. No Vit. I hate that they took all of the 7 day runes out of the store. Guess it will be a long while before I see 110.
  15. Skill Tree Abilities

    It should be both. But like I said, good luck getting that far down both trees to acquire both.