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  1. Funny, but considering I've played since C1 when we paid for our time in game, I don't think that will happen.
  2. I'm bored. (This game really needs interesting quest content.) Might as well go AFK macro and pick everyone's brains in a game of "Would you rather?" Would you rather...? 1. Receive 5% more XP/SP/Adena per mob - Or - 2. Kill each mob 5% faster ... all other variables being equal?
  3. I have higher level gear, but my new clan mates don't. But I also have Prestige, full Blessed Exalted package, etc. Tested out some stuff to see what works, what doesn't. My clanmates are screwed. I died in that low level gear in the new instance very quickly. And that's with skill enchants, forgotten power level enchanted highly, etc. If I died quickly, there's no way new clan mates make it in normal exalted stuff without any other boosts other than pots. I had to use my usual setup, which is low-top end (or high mid-tier if you prefer). I feel bad for them, because it can be a fun
  4. I went to Neutral Zone, but couldn't find any open spot to hunt. Lots of area and plenty of useless mobs in DE and LE areas. Why not clear out those areas and add the new 107 mobs there, too? Stupid. I went to New Forest Instance. I died in 3-4 hits. All mobs are pink to me, so I question why put those mobs in that instance if it's supposed to be for 105? Again, more stupidity. But I guess the point is to get people who are 105-107 to sell a kidney before they can play this game. No point in continuing Prestige at this point. And the Blessed Exalted really pointless if you can't stay upr
  5. That's what I figured. I was hoping to give my new clannies some words of encouragement, but it looks like they're better off quitting. They can't afford $1,200 annually for a game. Or they'd rather spend that on something else.
  6. The problem is that mobs now practically require God jewels to kill anything efficiently. Lot of people in my clan are quitting because the game economy has really gotten out of hand and NCSoft isn't doing anything to rectify it for fear of breaking an economy that is already broken.
  7. Human nature is the most broken thing about this game. There are some good people, but for most part the player base sucks.
  8. Winner. But rumor has it we only have restoration system now because past GMs played favorites and were restoring weapons and items for elite players BEFORE there was such a thing as restoration policy. No one else was getting this favorable treatment. If they remove restoration for all, do we run risk of elite players once again getting favors that no one else gets? Knowing what I know about current GMs, my heart says no risk. But knowing what I know about human nature and business, my head tells me the risk is always there.
  9. Safe bet has always been not to test your luck. If they wake up one morning and decide to draw a hard line to enforce literal EULA, you get banned. It's kind of like driving at 75 mph like everyone else, even though posted speed limit is 65. If highway patrol decide that day they enforce letter of law, zero tolerance, you get a ticket. Only a nice judge lets you off without paying it. And there aren't many nice judges when the county needs the money.
  10. By basic, I mean all exalted armor, cloak and weapons, Paulina jewelry , only an Atlas earring (not enchanted), and items you get strictly from in-game quests. No artifacts, Zodiac agathions or anything that you get from promotions/events. No enchanted skills. Really basic in every sense. Where can this person reasonably hunt solo? Where can this person hunt in groups with any person with same level of equipment? Can they do any of the daily party instances, including the new one?
  11. If you aren't too high a level, just re-roll. It could be 2022 by the time we get another Red Libra, and 2032 when they decide to offer the Stone of Destiny again.
  12. I saw Venir 10, too. Maybe it was a typo, but an official explanation would be nice.
  13. Not sure why they didn't make the NPC permanent, or permanently assign the feature to one of the Talking Island > Tomb of Souls NPCs. If they don't want to sell Stones in the store permanently and like missing out on the revenue, well, that's their choice. But don't go chopping players off at the knees, too. I mean it's not like players always know their class is crappy until they get 110+. Sad to say, there are too many classes that can't really do much without spending quadrillions on gear.
  14. If it has to do with 3rd party software, no matter how seemingly harmless, you can forget about it. They won't tell you much other than it involved a EULA violation. Happened to a guy in a clan that I used to be in a while back. I also wonder if maybe they are including any transactions outside the normal approved processes -- like buying NCoins from players without going through the NCSoft system directly yourself, or purchasing from one of their approved vendors, like Amazon? Both systems prevent players from buying excess NCoins, so maybe they finally decide to crackdown on gray area t
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