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    This is all you had to say. Didn't need a damn PK Manifesto ffs.
  2. It would be great to change drop amount back to the "mistake" levels. For weeks/months other guys benefited from it. They took the money and ran. They already screwed the economy and prices still haven't dropped for 99% of stuff, even though the adena drop rates were "fixed" over a month ago now. This just confirms that the talking point from whoever complained about the drop amount was dumb. Sorry, no other way to put it. Prices are sky high, because everyone overcharges, not because there were a few people with more adena than others. That will always be the case. But now the rest of us no longer have a way to catch up. As for PVP, to me that was not an issue. Yes, some people PVP there. But for most part, if you only have an hour to make as much adena as possible, you aren't going to waste too much time PVP. Find a spot, start killing mobs. Also, I never go AFK, The adena boost skill is random, so you have to be at your keyboard, if you want to use your skills that help how fast you kill. No amount of AFK macro will do that better than live person.
  3. VP Goes Too Quickly

    Can we talk about this now? VP needs to be reworked by level. Maybe for high level players the VP should draw down at normal rate. But for players below 110 it should last longer. Much longer. In a duo I burn through all of my VP in under 30 minutes. That's ridiculously fast. VP should exhaust in daily increments. If I hunt for 24 hours, then the following day my VP should only be reduced by 1/7th. After two days, 2/7th. Three days, 3/7th. You get the picture. The only way we should be able to use up all VP is on the last day before the weekly downtime and refresh. Low level players should always have some VP at all times until they reach 110, or whatever the top level grade of weapons or armor happens to be at the time.
  4. Restore Item

    Weapon is restored exactly as it was when you broke it, not just enchants, but SAs, element level -- everything. Maybe before people do an enchant, take a screenshot of the weapon, character, etc. You can provide that to the Support Team, although they really don't need it. They look at the logs and see everything.
  5. 16th Anniversary Screenshot Contest Cheating

    It won for the upskirt, I guess. Seriously, gratz to the winner. Some people take these contests way too seriously.
  6. One month anniversary at L2

    Maybe also add in Juji's post from today where he indicated that Red Libra was oringinally supposed to run at the same time as the Anniversary event, but they couldn't get it to work. Like playing Russian Roulette with bullets in 5 out 6 chambers in your revolver. Really slim chance that way players could win here.
  7. WTB +30 R110 Bow/Xbow

    I know there are at least 3 on Chronos Server, so either reply here or PM me with prices.
  8. Put S/S80-grade items for sale in NPCs

    Full Vorpal Leather set? Tempting...
  9. Red Libra event

    You're joking. You have to be joking. This is a joke, right??? So let me get this straight. The anniversary event by even your own account was a tremendous fail. Logic dictates that you put that behind as quickly as possible and move on to another event that will make people happy. Red Libra accomplishes that. But instead of rolling that out this week, you're going to gamble that everyone will wait a few more months before we get it? @Juji seriously...tell me that you're joking. You gotta be joking. This is a joke. It's a joke...it's a joke....
  10. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    Seven more boxes in my inventory overnight. Nothing but more Anniversary coins. I'm really trying to get to 10,000 before Wednesday. 2K more to go.
  11. Red Libra To Go Please!!!!!!

    Yes, I saw. Figured I'd nudge them to the "sooner rather than later" line. June is a little over a week away. But July is a lifetime to wait. I may not be here for it.
  12. Blessed specter daggers vs Exalted

    Let's not overthink this. First, 8B is too much to spend on a weapon that is obsolete (R95), that isn't Bloody (if you mostly PVE), or Dark (if you are trying your hand at PVP). Like Thrax said, don't put too much stock in P. Atk. That stat alone doesn't help you kill faster. Or put another way, you would need a weapon that had at least 500+ more P.atk to see noticeably faster killer rates, everything else being equal. If you have an Enhanced Exalted weapon, stick with that and forget about R95. All that glitters isn't gold. Start saving up for R110.
  13. Since you are probably planning June activities, don't forget our favorite. I will probably be homeless in July no thanks to COVID economy, so the earlier in June the better. Let's go out in a blaze of glory.
  14. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    @Hime @Juji I opened about 20 more of the anniversary boxes this week. I got one Eternal Sigil, which is something you normally get from the box drops in the area where I'm hunting. The rest were mostly anniversary coins. I have almost 6,000 anniversary coins now. This has to be the worst anniversary ever. As if things weren't bad enough in the real world with Covid 19, this game offers no solace or enjoyment at all. I'm not saying every box that I open has to be a Heavenly Talisman or a Greater Jewel, but for the few boxes that we get you can at least vastly increase the chances of getting a rare item. Not potions, or fragments of something, R gems, or Eternal Sigils, but a truly rare item. After all, we are celebrating something that doesn't come around often. The prizes received should reflect that. As a major contributor to this game, you have no idea how close I am to being done with this game.
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    That's been there for awhile now.