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  1. First people to log in before the wait queue goes up should get a free Dragon Weapon Stage 2.
  2. Not suicide, hamsters decided to unionize. Now they are on strike. Negotiations for better wage and working conditions pending. The really funny part is that I've been away for two weeks and come back today for first time. Logged in for only short time before the crash. The more things change, the more things stay the same.
  3. Anyone know? Debating on whether or not to sell off my less popular highly OE weapons now, or wait until Red Libra to sell them at better prices. PS: If any NCSoft developers are reading this, don't you think it's time you made weapon and armor exchange a permanent feature in-game? Shouldn't have to wait for Red Libra Merchants. Make the town head blacksmiths earn their damn keep for a change. The lazy bastards.
  4. They will never be able to completely fix the lag. Fewer people in-game certainly doesn't help matters , though. I'm all for XP events. But lottery events like Oriana where the chances of winning are low, the countdown between prizes is an hour roughly, the number of prizes is low, and the players don't have to do anything to participate in the first place are always problematic for me. If you want to do a lottery, just make it so that people can complete a daily quest to get a ticket (only 1 per account per week) which they keep in inventory. They can then log off and the prizes (yes, mu
  5. Well, you kind of did. Just because you're a secondary consumer doesn't mean that you aren't a factor in NCSoft's shenanigans. Consider that someone paid real money for Ncoins to buy the event boxes. You then buy the event boxes from them (at a mark-up) using adena. The seller thinks to himself, "Hey, these people must be low IQ. They are buying lots of event boxes at a higher price than they actually cost, even though the rewards are crappy. Let's keep doing it!" They, in turn buy more boxes with real cash and you in turn buy more boxes with adena. No, you didn't buy it with cash, but you'r
  6. Please tell me you did not spend 1,200 USD on this event. There is an event to spend that kind of money on, but this isn't that event. People have been warning since the event started that the drop odds were terrible. Unless you see 200 new people running around with new Dragon weapons, don't spend big for the event. Don't do it. Ever. You're just encouraging them to do another event just like it in the future.
  7. I gather you know your place in the pecking order at the end of the day. Your tenure in the game has earned you a degree of respect that new players don't have. People won't PK you or mess with you generally because you're a known quantity. Again, newer players like the poster are generally ***, if they don't have either the gear or the powerful alliances to fight back. It's as simple as that. What works for most noobs is simply to advise them to go hunt elsewhere. They don't have a chance in hell of influencing a powerful clan that truly intends to lock down an area.
  8. Doesn't really sound like a fun way to play this game. But if it works for you, hey, knock yourself out.
  9. Serious question. I've never won this ever. So I'm curious to know specifically how the prize is given. Do you receive it at the Dimensional Merchant, or is it mailed to you directly? Does it go to your WH automatically? How does Oriana get the Dragon Claw, Valakas Necklace, Stage 5 gem, etc., to the winner?
  10. Yes, they can do that. If it is a really, really stacked character backed by a powerful clan they can lock down the entire area for as long as they want. Ignore the people that tell you that maybe you can get powerful, too, one day and fight back. What they mean to say is if you spend thousands and thousands of dollars, maybe then you can buy just enough equipment and level high enough that they kill you in 2 shots instead of 1. Your only hope for revenge is to join up with their enemy. But usually their enemy acts just like they do. It's a choice of selling your soul to the demon,
  11. I was just offering a few suggestions, not trying to dictate absolute terms. I've been playing this game for 17-18 years. I try to offer advice where I can, but I fully understand when people opt to do it their way. That's totally fine and to be respected. I suggested the +8 R99 Leather Set, because that's what I used all the way to 110. I enchanted it myself and it only cost me 2B to make. Meanwhile, the cost of upgrading from common to Enchanted Leviathan will cost you over 11B for all 6 pieces. (I'm including the sigil.) Upgrading it from Enchanted to Bloody...well, yikes!!! As
  12. Let's pretend you're new to the game, starting a character from scratch, but you lucked out and found a really good clan. The Clan Leader gives you 50 billion adena and tells you to go level up, playing any class that you want. You're pretty flexible and willing to play any class, but you want to get the biggest bang for your budget. Given that, which class would you choose to play? And what equipment would you buy? PS: Under no circumstances can you spend more than 50B. Not even if an orc punches you, knocking out all of your teeth, and the Tooth Fairy stops by that evening and gives y
  13. Every update I roll a new character for comparative analysis. I don't go higher than 105-106. This update it is true some mobs are harder to kill. It took me a little longer to get to 105 on a Feoh than in the past, but not that much longer. If the Devs aren't sure how to implement, I suggest only adding back the herb pots to the higher level hunting grounds, if that will help with potential lag issues from the herb drops.
  14. Not to mute your post, because you make several great points. But you are really just scratching the surface in terms of your character build. The mobs are more difficult now in some ways because there are no more Herb pots, which gave players something like +120 Attribute attack damage. You first have to bridge that gap by adding more items to your character that boost your attribute damage. There are lots of ways to do that, so I won't go into detail here. Start saving up for an Opal 5 at least. Secondly, I know it's expensive as hell, believe me I do, but you really do need to upg
  15. It certainly doesn't help that we get too many events that reward basic pots or low level awards 99% of the time, but none of the mid to higher level awards. I have WH full of crap, most of it from crappy events, like God jewel parts that were given out 90000% more times than the top reward. But none of those parts or pots and other crap can be used in Collections.
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