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  1. 109 to 110: How Long Does It Take?

    5% a day is awesome. I'm more like 1%. No runes. No Vit. I hate that they took all of the 7 day runes out of the store. Guess it will be a long while before I see 110.
  2. Skill Tree Abilities

    It should be both. But like I said, good luck getting that far down both trees to acquire both.
  3. Which is better?

    Ok, I asked my friend to test using Yul. He was fully buffed at the time. This was his damage for a skill crit. against NPC under conditions noted : No Skill Power, No P. Skill Crit Damage 70,997,984 5% Skill Power, 5% P. Skill Crit Damage 72,485,356 5% Skill Power, 5% P. Skill Crit Damage 76,269,339 Obviously, many different things factor into damage calculation, and the numbers vary from attack to attack by as much as 2M damage points. But the gist for archers at least is to increase P. Skill Crit Damage as much as possible. Then increase rate at which you get p. skill crits. That doesn't mean Skill Power isn't good, it just means it's not top priority.
  4. Dual Class L2 Live

    Dual Maximum HP and Dual Energy of New Power are the only passive skills that you can learn without certificates. The second one is a book you get from the Dual Class NPC. The rest you need to learn using dual class certificates. This is why it's best to pick a quick leveling dual class, so you can reach all the levels faster. Also, not sure if anyone told you, but don't learn your skills as you earn certificates, unless you want to spend more unlearning them. The really good Dual Certification skills cost multiple certificates. Save up.
  5. Castle functions not working

    Sounds like you have an old dilapidated castle. It must suck to have to level like...well, everyone else. Tell you what, give me the castle and I will fix.
  6. 109 to 110: How Long Does It Take?

    It's probably just in my head, but it feels like I've been 109 for two months now. I've killed way more than the 160,000 mobs needed for the Exalted quest, but I'm nowhere near leveling. For everyone that is 110, how long did it take you? Did you level AFK mostly, or what?
  7. Skill Tree Abilities

    I would think that they all stack.
  8. Enchanting Scrolls

    Once upon a time you could get EWR by doing Group Kartia 95, but I think they replaced the EWR with EAR, or made it a very low chance to get. There are a few of those type daily "boss" instances where EAR drop. That's about it.
  9. Skill Tree Abilities

    You will never have enough points to get that far down all trees. Well, maybe when you're level 150. But yes, they all stack. For example, if you learned Warriors Berserker's Elemental Attack Lv1 (+10 Attack Attribute) and Wizards Magician's Elemental Shot (+10 Attack Attribute), your overall Atk. Attribute Value would increase by +20 to reflect both Ability Points.
  10. Cursed Drop Bugged

    I once got the swords dropped in Atelia. Atelia, with all of those rooms. Atelia, where you have to actually teleport inside. They found me in a blink of an eye.
  11. 14 members clan ?

    Could have combined this with the other thread(s). What a surprise! Top clans and elite players exploiting game AGAIN for their own ends. Who saw this coming? Anyone??? The solution is to get rid of all of them. All. Of. Them. No one has ever said that having them around has made the game better for all. Quite the opposite.
  12. What talisman can be bought

    Mammon's Box 30 day talismans -- Attack Attribute, Skill Cooldown, Skill Power are most popular Sayha's Talismans Christmas/Santa Talisman I & II (which there are probably only 1 or 2 of each on the entire server)
  13. Which is better?

    There are lots of ways to test this, if you have artifacts for skill power and p.skill crit damage, or the new dyes, or the talismans that give skill power and p. skill crit. damage.
  14. Yul Sagittarius

    For dual class, pick something that kills quickly, like an archer. All you really want is to get your dual class certification skills as fast as possible. In the next update, that will be through level 110. I would start a new alt, if I was curious about tanks, wynns, mages, and support classes. Sure, archers can be expensive at high levels, but every class is expensive at high levels. Many are now finding that out with Rim Kamaloka, Exalted gear alone doesn't cut it for most classes. But at least with an archer you have powerful attacks, high normal crit rate, AOE skills that are enchantable, quick footspeed to escape sticky situations and distance between you and the target most of the time.
  15. Can Scamming become harrassment?

    You can't block them?