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  1. Good question. I found him only once all week. After taking longer than it should to reduce his HP, he spawned a Sin Eater. No pet. I basically said to hell with it at this point. This is not C1, where I was willing to jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops to get a reward. No one has time for that any more. For now I'm just going to XP. If Antigo shows up when I happen to be watching the screen, fine. If not, fine. It probably saves me from spending money to maintain the pet anyway.
  2. Since I'm going to hunt all day anyway AFK, it's worth it for the buff. But yeah the prizes can always be better, without requiring players to spend their own adena.
  3. My first one only made it to +2.
  4. Unlike in the past on other versions of L2, I've decided to play just one character. I've chosen a DD because in all likelihood they are probably still the fastest to level up. So which DD does the most damage and kills the fastest, everything else being more or less equal?
  5. You get the Dragon Belt when you level up. But the problem is you only get one and if your fail your enchant, bye bye Dragon Belt. No blessed chance, no do over, thanks for your time and money, goodbye. And in case you're wondering, yes, the enchant rates are crappier on some things than on others. And luck varies from character to character.
  6. Thanks. That was more or less the point of my post -- that assigning a shelf life to the pots pretty much means that we must use them on NCSoft's schedule, not our own. It's kind of like the Anniversary gifts that get taken away, whether you use them or not. I don't see the harm in letting players keep them. They would have come in handy this week as I am now on vacation from work and I have time to level those characters. But, oh well, no point in whining over spilled milk. Time to find a better source of entertainment. Take care, everyone.
  7. That model worked for our generation of players. It doesn't work for the generations of players that came after us. That's the case when it comes to real life as well. Each generation works like hell to reduce the amount of time, effort and b/s that it takes to be successful/content now. Someone in the 1900s might be ok with waiting weeks to months for a letter to be sent from one state to the next. But eventually, inevitably, a new generation will come along that says, "F*** that, I want my message within seconds of the sender finishing their thought." Next thing you know, everyone has e
  8. I just noticed that a few of my alts have over 400+ pots that will expire on July 7th. These alts are typically more difficult to level, so I wait for XP events to level them. They absolutely need the pots to hunt in the now much harder mob environment. Is it really necessary to remove them now that we have an XP event??? Now, if the plan is to give us a ton of other free pots on July 7th to replace these pots, then ignore this request. But somehow I don't think that's the case.
  9. Sly, slow your roll. OldSchool asked, "Actually I am interested to know is there any party instance that can be done but normal chars (full party) with gears maybe a little better than exalt gear?" I was simply responding to that, not trying to derail the thread.
  10. The daily IT quest that requires players to kill 150 mobs. Some of my clanmates told me that they weren't able to kill all 150 before the hour was up.
  11. At 105 with everyone in basic stuff? Only Abandon. At 107 or so, you might be able to do IT with a full party only in exalted gear. But don't be surprised if the timer runs out before you finish.
  12. We know the answer to that is "Not a chance in Hell." The truth is even when they told us we had good enchant odds they lied. Still, unless they're willing to change previously restored items to Bound status or something like that so people will already know that they've been restored, you can expect people to continue to get screwed when it comes to buying them. Sad to say, but I trust NCSoft more with game "facts" than I trust other players who say the item they're selling still at high price was never restored.
  13. They should remove token restoration in general, but improve the enchant odds of success. That's the fix.
  14. If people stopped buying, it would force NCSoft to figure out a different sales model. Maybe better, but maybe worse.
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