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  1. I would like to know how they can get a database ready and working in the European, and they can break both the spoil and drop system of adenas inside the game? All this to try to sell more VIP? it does not help to charge again gk being that you can not make adena in the up to use the consumables and pay gk, admit q have the problem, give a boost of xp and adena for a while, and then the problem again? sincerely you are only killing the game just like they did with the normal game, no use wanting to make money in a system that everyone is discontented and they will stop playing soon
  2. 5 hours and not repair adena drops? nice work, how they get a classic for Europe and broken adena drops? god job for broken the game. boost xp and adena not repair the shit u doing, plz just repair drops, and free gk while not repair