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  1. They have only 1 location of servers and have no idea how to setup proxy so others could enjoy delayless gameplay because they are incompetent and arrogant to do such thing. All normal servers have proxies.
  2. Only 3 clients per person are allowed. ADMIN !!!!
  3. https://www.gofundme.com/manage/we-are-gathering-funds-for-l2-community-managers
  4. pay2win approach is way way worse than RMT
  5. Good. You knew the odds, but you still bought pay2win and failed. I bet you wasted $5000 in a casino also.
  6. Good thing I smelled the bull 2 months ago and spend less and less time on this server. No online 24/7 GM is proof that NCSOFTWEST staff does not give a damn about anyone in the server. Adena sellers spamming their services for days the same character, same high level characters are boting for months. And now we see P2W in a DonateShop. Well, it's just a beggining. Anyone who still plays in this server is a ****ing idiot and deserves everything what's coming.
  7. Your technical staff gets all working files needed to implement stuff from NCSOFT. There shouldn't be any issues regarding content rather than lack of responsibility of NA NCSOFT staff.
  8. That's terrible idea. Just imagine how many people would leave because you just made pay2win game.
  9. Nobody cares about your superbowl cause majority of population are latinos.
  10. They don't know dude, they are probably volunteer forum moderators and nothing more related to other operations of NA NCSoft.
  11. If NCSoft can't handle bot crisis in Classic servers they should make it legal. Equal rights to everybody or no rights at all. Because I am tired reporting these bots and after a week see them online again.
  12. Admins can't ban my multiple times reported high level bots with evidence. You think they have the guts to go after these low level bots ? Hahahahhahahh
  13. You can't merge servers that were launched way before other servers because it will create disadvantage.
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