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  1. I think i'm gonna wait for the remaster, see if they're will be big changes.
  2. I think if NCsoft upgrades the game to UE4 the has to be made from the ground up, i really don't see how people will play the game with multiple screens at once, and i've seen people that make boxes up to 10 screens. So the first major thing that has to be changed is the buff system. You'll have to have a mammoth of a PC to run the game with that new enginem i would really like to be proven wrong but, i think that's reality. What's your take on this?
  3. I think those problems will be fixed when we get the Unreal Engine 4 upgrade in the future :D.
  4. This may sound stupid, but can make new Seed farm locations like: Seed of Desire, Seed of Longing, Seed of Insanity, etc. Just came of my mind. Feel free to comment, i would like to see what you guys think.
  5. Yeah, like i can completely leave work every time to monitor my game, c,mon who can do that :D. And no i'm not in a hurry to max out my level. If i'm all day at home than yes i can monitor it but otherwise, no. Not everyone's in the same situation.
  6. Look, i know that in every MMORPG there'll be always PVP, but for godsake do something about this system, so people don't exploit it. What's the point in leaving your char AFK farming when someone comes and kills you. Either you balance and do something about it or just remove it, cause it comes to the point that really annoys you. If this means that i'll not be able to farm because there are PK'ers, then so be it, but at least don't exploit the bleeping system. If i'm wrong, then someone tell me what's the point of this system. Thanks.
  7. So basically Bow/Crossbow attack speed system is unbalanced :D.
  8. Is it just me, or the speed of bow and crossbow are the same, cause at max(1500) Atk.Speed for both weapons, the crossbow fires faster than bow, am i right. If not then speed balance between bow and crossbow is not right.
  9. What's the current ratio between nc coin and adena.
  10. Subscribe to MMOByte to get all the news for MMO games.
  11. If the game has a more easy way of buying everything that's in it, then why the hell would i need exalted equipment, instead i can buy the best equipment with "real money" get it :D. In this game the real reason for farming is gone down the drain, and the way these updates will go like with "buffs for all classes", for example, the game changing quickly(i assume maybe for the Remastered upgrade), and i don't know if it's for the better or worse.
  12. Not for newcomers and those who don't play by the "P2W" method. The game has become more P2W than ever before, i really can't believe this. I'm truly scared for the sequel.
  13. If i wanted to receive my reward in my Main(Yul Trickster) class state i'll get equipment exactly for that class only, but i'm also a dual class player, can i switch to Dual(Tyrr Dreadnought) and then claim my reward for that class again. Cause you get only 1 upgrade stone. And spending 150kk every time i need to exchange my weapon it's just ridiculous, it's not even a joke. You're not giving even a chance for newcomers like this. Make it so that you should be able to receive your rewards again for your other class. And that weapon exchanging scheme, just remove it, no one can make that adena
  14. The game has become so much P2W that it's no longer fun to play, by paying for a ready equipment and using it. I'm gonna be clear, make every single thing in the game p2w, remove these noblesse/exalted quest make them p2w so at least people can buy them "ready", the fun in this game has gone, the true hardship. I still can't believe that they're gonna upgrade this game to Unreal Engine 4, what for, don't even think for a second that making boxes in UE4 will be easy as in UE 2.5, you'll need a superior gaming pc. They gotta do a 180 turn. At least i'm little excited for Project TL, if they don'
  15. Let's just say my armor/weapon qualifies for my main class cool, but what about people who play with Main and Dual, in my case i've completed the first 2 quests for the exalted reward with my Main(Yul Trickster), and got a a Exalted Light Armor and Enhanced Exalted Shooter. What about my Dual(Tyrr Dreadnought) will i be able to get a spear(forget the Exalted Heavy Armor for Tyrr), meaning i will have two exalted weapons in my inventory. Cause i looked at l2wiki.com and looks you can't, or if i misunderstood something, please correct me. And also you these quests can be completed only ONCE. I t
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