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  1. Hi all, Apologize in advance if this is a dup topic, couldnt find on this forum any other old thread. What is the size for the above mentioned bosses? Queen Ant - 1 pt - 7 ppl 42 lvl? Anakim - 5 pt - 92 lvl? Thank you.
  2. Damn, I thought it would be in this part of forums - wizards. Sorry, didnt mean to create a dup
  3. Hello gurus of L2. I'm looking for the info or maybe should I say classification on jewelry for feohs based on couple of things. Low-end - free or I dunno up to 1bil Mid-tier - 1 bil to 5 Hi-end - 5 bil up "to infinity and beyond(C)" Also maybe to get a little deeper into it - offensive/defensive? And of course PVE/PVP?
  4. ah sweet memories I remember somebody gifted me a bow for 300k adena or smth and wished me fun and joy in game - that was such a happy day
  5. I was going through forums here, and saw some people saying various things about upcoming new chapter. Such things as sayha jewellery, 2h magic weapons reclassified as "cane" etc. Can we compile a list of things here? So we can be even more excited about Final chapter of Salvation
  6. but isnt few weeks good enough? also never mind the bloody set, in few weeks you wont have dragon weapon,right? or I dunno any other item that has to be farmed/crafted for a long time. Also, I think AliOli made really good point here about pt reqs for RB and pk scrolls and etc.
  7. I moved to USA in 2010. How will you explain a huge population of Russians on servers? Like VPN is not possible these days? Dude, you missing the point here by asking me to verify my story, instead express your opinion about merge, thank you.
  8. Oh yeah, I never played on this server. Everything was pirated back then in Russia
  9. Lol, whats wrong with that? First of all it was 15-16 years ago, on some private russian server, I honestly can't remember anything about that, only that I never got past lvl 40 or 50. And obviously I knew nobody when I came to official server this year.
  10. No I didnt suggest taking stuff away from players on current servers. Those are only about transferring TO new server from current. Didnt know about not allowing transfers to new server for a limited amount of time, thanks for the info.
  11. Hi all, Wanted to put my 2 cents here. I'll start with disclaimer: - this is not an ad, there's no promo intent whatsoever, I'm simply sharing thoughts - in no way I am saying I'm an experienced player, total noob in fact - ppl who will say "you're an rmt; who has best visa; who spends more" - f off plz. Its my choice to pay, not to farm for years, live with it - derogatory comments will be disregarded, don't waste effort So I came back to L2 sometime in January 2018, after not playing for probably 12 years or smth. Last time I played I was in h
  12. What about weapon? 2h magic blunt, without any questions? I know I asked in the beginning not to go into gear, but I thinks its time 1h magic sword, or caster - no good?
  13. Wow so much good info guys. Def will watch the video. It's just I had an assumption that gear rules. Don't get me wrong it does but I'm seeing ( at least on Freya) - players relying on gear and only using two skills, basically f1/f2 repeat repeat repeat. Already witnessed couple of times all those guys in shining armor killed by (what looks like) an avg player. Thanks all so much! Let's keep the tread lively, I'm sure lots of ppl can benefit from it.
  14. The issue I had with barrier when I'm fighting smb who is close range melee lets say, they quickly put so much damage on me that my mana is gone, and then I have to start running around doing "body to mind". Thanks for the tip with burst casting
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