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  1. we laugh a lot with that server.. in talking island one guy today its going 71lvl .. and on the patch notes told us max lvl 70...
  2. in 55lvls+ and when you will give your adena to your archers to buying SSC/SSD they will not be able to buy nothing.. the same happens in one archer party in giran server and they give up ..
  3. and the other from talking island server is abyss walker around 50.. and he have Drake set +6 and Dark screamer +9 .. something smelling.. hmmm (rmt)
  4. bow its not the solution .. cause need 4-5 ssc per one arrow.. you cant even get the 1/4 of the cost of the adena you will spend to buy that ssc and arrows
  5. 1 question.. who are you to told in that guy what class to choose to play?
  6. ofc they dont care about everything.. they get the $$$$
  7. delete all posts.. wtf are you doing.. go and and fix your server... close it for 1-2 weeks and fix all that mess..