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  1. Doing a summary i can clearly see that "Tales Untold" are exactly as u read them because its a big fail for most ppl.....and it will lead lots of them to "Tell" you goodbye.....

    If you guys go on focusing the 113+ content u will loose the majority of ppl...

    NC should be by now the only company with more than 80% of unhappy customers.


    Make ppl feel happy with new content....You destroyed most ppl exp spots and most low geared ppl need big groups to kill just a mob and share a pitfull amount of exp.

    For once listen to your customers.....or u will be left with a lot fewer of them...

  2. Why does this company makes a total different event (no event) for one class? 2 weeks event for all.......not even half for archers......and for what? Hit-lag? You cant fix your server and u make players pay for it?

    Top OP yuls wont even bother to try the event weapons because simply they got same or better. Feohs arent in the same boat as archers?

    Divide this game in 2 sections:

    Section 1 : yul........NOT participating the event.

    Section 2: All of the rest...happy event!

    Evis can kill mobs in SoS with exalted gear in seconds and it takes tons of gear for a yul to kill one.

    Regardless of what is the problem that YOU ppl cant fix, its totally unfair or even provoking, to exclude a class from this event in this way. Its a total shame!

    Maybe delete archer class from game would be better. Please consider it as an option.....:/

  3. I will have to add here that field mobs also, drop adena cut in half or less and that makes me think that prestige is not working as intented or the adena reduction was a general one and not just in Stronghold.

    FoS mobs dropped like 18-28k adena on prestige....now no more than 15k and low as 7-8k!

    Also adena drop rate is now lower......thanks for all those nice improvements.

    Subscription cancelled successfully...

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  4. Lag is still here and standing still as a heroic feature. Even on archer hits this lag exist and seems i need so long to kill some mobs. Lots of people payed to have exp boost supplements and cant use them. If not anything else, just show some courtesy to your clients and fix this thing asap!