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  1. Protesting this change on the forums does nothing. This decision has long since been made, doubtful since before launch, and nothing that's said now will change it. They're playing with house money, they essentially can't lose, as they know that even if 1/500 people spend big on this junk then it's worth it for them. Going forward there's two ways to combat this imo; 1. Everyone quits, which will probably happen as it's a joke NC has rused us in to spending 4-5 months on what we all desperately wanted - a clean version of L2, similar to what we all remember - before pulling this garbage out of their closet. 2. Keep playing, but don't give them your money. Create a culture on every server where if you own a pendant that is in any way more advanced than you are capable of obtaining freely/with VIP, then you're an idiot and no one cares about any of your accomplishments. I doubt #2 has a chance as the reality is there are X amount of whales on every server who will gobble up this crap and eventually find themselves circle jerking each other, so it's been nice talking to people from 10 years ago and I hope to meet you again some day in another game.
  2. https://youtu.be/flieQ0TnFY8?t=346