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  1. I am starting to get the distinct impression that this "update" was released only so they could push out this pendant "event". In reality this update has literally give us nothing, on TI both devil's isle and GC are empty as could be (minus the bots in the solo area), if anything this update (which is meant to make people want to play more) has had the opposite effect, with people leaving in their droves. The population crash has just peaked, as people rush to flog their gear so they can sell their adena. I was going to ask why we didnt have olympiad, etc... rather than this barebones up
  2. @hime would be appreciated that you inform classic server players as well. As it seems you cant keep login servers up, so now we cant get to server select as a result of this maintenance for official servers....
  3. @Hime @Juji Will there be a server transfer option, many of us would like to transfer off TI to a server which is more balanced.
  4. Just looked through your posts, can see from them you are one of these sad guys who haunts forums to spam others posts. Now move on and go spam another persons post.
  5. And yeah in older versions mobs would drop 10x the adena... so again your point is? Your consumables costs should be in line with adena drop rate, and that is widely out of it. At this rate my cp has to kill lets say 350 mobs just to cover the cost of being summoned.
  6. Quick question? Why are summing crystals so expensive, in giran (cheapest location) they are 38k. That means I am spending over 350k just to summon my cp.... This makes this skill really not viable and pretty much worthless unless you wanna go bankrupt quick (esp with adena drop rates in higher areas)...
  7. In patch notes it says... Yet there are lvl71 players on the server... Is this another as intended bug (like adena drops) introduced by ncsoft? Or just more signs of incompetence
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