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  1. I am starting to get the distinct impression that this "update" was released only so they could push out this pendant "event". In reality this update has literally give us nothing, on TI both devil's isle and GC are empty as could be (minus the bots in the solo area), if anything this update (which is meant to make people want to play more) has had the opposite effect, with people leaving in their droves. The population crash has just peaked, as people rush to flog their gear so they can sell their adena. 

    I was going to ask why we didnt have olympiad, etc... rather than this barebones update in which  <1% of the server can actually participate in; but I guess we will get olympiad with the next "event". Whats the bet we get olympiad alongside brooches (the real p2w items)? 


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  2. Just now, outlaw said:

    then use the gatekeeper lol. by ur logic Soulores and spirit ores should be reduced aswell cuz adena is lower then older versions

    Just looked through your posts, can see from them you are one of these sad guys who haunts forums to spam others posts. Now move on and go spam another persons post.

  3. Quick question? Why are summing crystals so expensive, in giran (cheapest location) they are 38k. That means I am spending over 350k just to summon my cp.... This makes this skill really not viable and pretty much worthless unless you wanna go bankrupt quick (esp with adena drop rates in higher areas)...

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