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  1. Nah man, they are so busy, they don't even have a chat assistant so you can't explain anything lmao
  2. i've got permanent ban and i am playing for 2 days lol. just for using cheat engine on Fifa meanwhile i had lineage 2 minimized... This is not fair in my opinion
  3. Thanks Argus! Already did but they answered me back saying that I used 3rd party programs and the penalty is account closure. 2 days playing and I didn't even know what it was ?. I write here just looking for help. Maybe it happened to someone else, thanks for answering!
  4. Yes, I know it's sad. I was playing Lineage 2 then i minimized it to have a break. I opened fifa offline and opened a cheat table in cheat engine. The server kicked me out and now i got banned on my other account, do you know guys if there is a way to solve it? I am only playing for 2 days (I'm kinda noob) but I was enjoying it so much! Thanks
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