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  1. we need to be serious. We had a mass disconnection worth a few minutes. And we always hear from NCSoft that the problem is with the user. And now? Are around 50 people around the world users with problems on the internet? What caused this? Can you finally admit that there is a problem with the server?
  2. You need to creat one new from 0. At 85 you get 7 day vit rune!
  3. We all know that you NEVER EVER ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER have any DC or LAG... EVER
  4. Posted August 13, 2019 The server usage is higher than normal, so we are making performance improvements on the game server and will reduce several outdated processes. You need to do a 1year to the 'permance/hardware improvements' too! @Ambicija
  5. I am still PK after that maintence and I can't tp! So... What I do now?
  6. Tevas open box Night Chest. Can you make one video? Please
  7. PK players can use regular GK on town if they 'pass' the guard. I am at fantasy and I am PK!
  8. When I have 'Einhasad's Schakles'. The other PK players don't 'show' to me on the map! Fix that!
  9. I just did that! And take a long time... But I will NOT back until they RESPECT the players!
  10. Hello I am a new Brazilian player And I would like to know the date of the servers and the amount of players. Chronos; Naia and Freya What is the oldest server? And which server with the most players? Thank you
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