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  1. not work, they keep saying are investigating but never ban those bots, u can keep the ticket open they will say the same thing.
  2. wtf u guys talking about? u will get the extra exp that u got lvling at 55, if that was broken and adjusted u will receive the amount of 60m extra at u current lvl, the big problem is the lvl 55 still the same so they didnt nothing yet, why complain about a thing that u will got the reward too lol
  3. thats the problem, they said u will notice but this is NCSoft so... dont expect anything.
  4. before: lv 55 - around 120 milions now : Lv 55 - 60,126,717 (right number in exp curve) so u will get extra 60 milions in u current level.
  5. the game was design to level up without those scrolls of 1m exp, if u use them u will be out of SP, the exp and sp work together without problems, the lvl 55 u will need the exp of lvl 62 and this is wrong, if u already played some other classic u should know... and AGAIN! stop to level up with those scrolls and talking about "lvl barriers"
  6. We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch.If you have any other questions, please let us know.Regards, GM Nero NCSOFT Support Team
  7. lol, u didnt saw yet? the table of exp at lvl 55 its broken, u need almost 130m to level up, they already told that will be fixed at next patch(i was thinking this one).
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