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  1. Demonic, look at what was said in the post about the update. They are saying this is it, there is nothing else you can do. Well there are a few things, many others have mentioned asking for your money back and you can do that. But the best thing to do is move on to a different game. They say "this is a free to play model and it matches the other free to play models as far as adena drop rates."'ish... not an exact quote, but they love saying that to us. However no one ever seems to focus on the fact that chronos has free teleports for everyone of every level. Classic is nice, but q
  2. Lightrider we do not need to write korea... it is clear they are talking to them, but nothing will change we have to walk away.
  3. They can't even justify anything properly. Look at the gate keeper fees, then go to Chronos also a free server, but it is the current version of Lineage... still the teleport fees don't exist. and the adena rates are better. I really think they are keeping the lower rates and the draconian gatekeeper fees as a means to recoup what they have spent on getting the servers up and running. It forces you to be out of adena in no time and then you have to hit up the L2 shop for shots just to play the game. I started back in the day and this is NOT the classic experience that was promised and everyone
  4. I know this probably isn't being seen by the people that need to see it ... maybe not by anyone at this point. But the adena drop rates being crap at high levels sucks, but they want us to buy shots, boosts, ect from the store because that's how they make money. That is fine and mostly how it has to be, playing the market/crafting/careful spending of adena are all part of the game. But, there is something that I would like to point out and I'm sure other people can do a much better job at this than I. So here goes they say this matches other free to play servers I assume they also mean Chron
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