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  1. i bought greater rune for 2b, otherwise i will plan not to buy. I tested in rafinery, Ketra, SoS and same, i see only agro icon on mobs. I am 113 lvl. If there id 2nd effect armor destruction must be hidden or no icon? I dont know.
  2. @Juji many player and many items experiencing AH issue when purchase failed. Please look on it
  3. @Juji many player have issue with buying or selling in AH. I try buy codex and all time : Item purchase has failed. Look on it please.
  4. 1. Slovakia 2. no 3. After migration in first day meele lags were gone. When you brought servers down to "optimize" the meele lags are back. 4. Slow targeting and switching, slow attack in comparison to Wednesday after the migration. Badly playable
  5. lol, server planed maintenance is always annoucmented on forum and also in game when 30 min countdown start and link message every 10 min, last 5 min etc. So focus on game and not spread trash, newbie.
  6. now prices drop so i bought and learn new provoke aura. I watch mobs and for 30 min I not see any debuff on mobs
  7. @JujiFirst time login a little longer Castilia chest apearing 1 min after I port out. Clicking any reward chest laging Clan quest reward can not take (edit: was taken after 5 minut after click)
  8. hi, today maintenance and lags are back, DC too. I have no problems for 14 day and today you again mess something @Juji @Hime And of course your game slow and lags browser browsing internet pages.
  9. probably at 17th anniversary festival in late april or may
  10. lol funny what 3s do with our community For first test it and after complain if it or not its nerf Now community is full of yuls and after red libra we have maybe 70-80% of yuls on servers. But is logic because yuls are far better in every actions faraway compared to other characters. We not need yul nerf, we need other chars ballancing better like yuls are. Tank are for laught, wynns also, feohs have crit damage caps etc etc. All actions NCsoft do goint to situation that all dds will be yuls
  11. same 2 nights in row several client dc and huge lags. In day time i have not DC.
  12. I am going to Storm daily and no adena nerf there. You have posibly meele lags.
  13. Back again. Last 3 days again DC increasing from 0 per day to 4 per day. Same scenario: huge lag and 1-2 windows from 3 running DC. After relog, DC again after 5 min max. I see it more in Europe evening and night time.
  14. no because it is secret You must play "Hide and Seek" with tons of watchers and after "Fast and Furious" with watcher owners to be first on place and kill bloody chest.
  15. is not exactly free. It is only free to join to fight if want. But fighting in this siege should have been event with price if you win or participate. But. with all info we have, events is only for PvP clan (PvP clan tree active). And as we know present castle owners fun will be maybe for 5-7 PvP clans and theirs pets clans that have chance to pick up rewards. Therefore as it is presented, only casual siege on sunday. I know that also PVE clan can win castle siege but no event reward. Strange but this is NCsoft logic?
  16. deleted from page? i see error page only
  17. Moreower as i can see now, related Q is a same as we have in Clan quest list related only to PVP clans. NC only changed reward to event box. Fail as always.
  18. @Juji @Hime @Draecke In Event info page missing more exact mission condition information like: 1. be successful in mission need to be winning clan and final owner of castle 2. possible reward also if clan participate but not take castle? 3. how much personal reputation/killing points needed, how much clan reputation needed to earn some reward If only winners clans are eligible i think will be only regular siege as always. If killing points count so support is 99% excluded also.
  19. @Juji we are not good with this answers. This has no logic and is madness to keep it as it is. Why NCsoft refuse correct simple mechanics like this? Maybe not ask NCsoft and better demand correction. At least do some simple steps: 1. make all untradable item possible to destroy in trash (this clear a little our warehouses) 2. increase maximal slots in warehouse (for free) or better make warehouse unlimited 3. and for God make swithing option posible on 80% capacity
  20. My update of situation. I moved 30km to my parents where we have different internet provider and I play on different PC. And there I can log in without any problems. I see only some minor lags as always but client worked normally. So definitly is not my issue. In my home I have even better internet provider and faster internet and can not login or have DC and huge lags. I did not open ticket because I know answer that I am fine or that i lost packets or something like this. If you can, go test game to friends with different provider.
  21. hmm DC after 16h, cannot log in with same error as yesterday, i try 2 window trick and work but after log in LAGs as hell. Do something or I want my money back @Hime @Juji
  22. now masive DC on Naia and surprisingly i can log in now. So @Jujiyou have secret log in max count?
  23. solution is masivly quote @Juji and @Hime
  24. hope not because i am from Middle Europe And as a paying customer i want response from NC staff @JujiAnd if this situation will be for some days i want money back.
  25. hmm after maintenance today, can not log in
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