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  1. for tanks on oly everything PVP is needed and after that also you realised that is not enought PVP defense or damage, UDs are pathetic, debuffs mostly not land on better geared. Ferios skills help a little and only with low and mid gear players. But if you think that only PVP cloak helps you without others PVP items, you are wrong
  2. Hi, in Korea now all were changed, Both circlet and dragon shirts upgrade stones exchange is due Crystal of Dawns. In our version only bracelet is due these crystals and circlets stones need enchants. In fact that we first and sencond time get all as L2store promo or events is questionable when we get this and in how form. Moreover, enchant succes rate is low and make +5 on 2nd or 3ths stage is insane expensive. And also we have not in game source of Crystal of Dawns
  3. I playing tank 7 years but spending 20 bilions +- for skill is riddiculous. Whole RUNE STONES mechaniks is riddiculous and must be deleted. For me is now fancy thing.
  4. this and more. It will helps if all non-tradable items could be destroyed in trash. @Juji
  5. we are exciting what kind of options you have
  6. Hi, thanks NC to have opportunity to make feedback on update or game system. As i red all replies I must agree with everything. New updates in EU/US are far behind level and gear players base. We cannot be compared with Korea in same point. As I written many times on forum EXP/SP, Adena drop, Item drop must be rise significantly. But what you do is always lowering of even deleting every oportunity to drop enought adena or items to have proper gear on every players levels. But NCSoft you miss something beside lowering adena or item collection, you miss lowering or deleting FEES of in-game
  7. Yesterday I droped 4 pc on Primeval Isle.Now on PI 4 kind of enchants drops
  8. Please discuss also drop rates in instances, from Venusta chests, Aden cheasts. Is pointless open boxes and we see only 3M adena (now 1.5M). Other rewards I saw once per months, this is no motivated)
  9. yes NCsoft take feedback from Korean players, made changes. When they take feedback from export countries? Never.
  10. Hi, this stone must be crafted. Recipe merchant in town selling recipe to common craft (2nd option)
  11. as Tank 109 (on Vanguard) PVE I do 20 ragments + reward box D with 20 fragments.
  12. as Draecke described well. Its possible and therefore we must talking about it to be in touche with DEV team. Without needs nothing will changed!!!!
  13. + exaltec quest condition to have certain lvl on dual and main to proceed
  14. wait till next big update. In Korea this option was activated this year.
  15. we are still waiting for dual to be main switch support
  16. and also dont forgett feeding your pets with food
  17. @Juji why Crystal of Dawn so expensive? Last promo 160 Nccoins and now 400? And many more and more expensive?
  18. as most of thinks in game, that have too many looting options, also homuculous breed is based on low probability. We have in every breed 15 kinds of homunculous. Formula is probably based on calculation first looting basic kind (5 in total) and after formula looting with chance if homounculous will be general, water or luminious. So simple combinatory maths says 5! (5 factorial) and after additional 3!. And of course we not see if NCsoft introduce for some basic loot additional more or less probability as for general vs luminious. So we can discuss that we need only time and resources. T
  19. Now punisment for have PK points and karma should be: reduction of drop from mobs, adena, XP, SP lower and lower with every point. 1st point 70% reduction or more. NAd karma time 5x longer as it now.
  20. its Korean design but: 1st we have books to learn skill 2nd they deleted books and only SP was needed 3th they introduce rune stones to some skills. But why we need rune stones every time we want learn higher level of skill? Not only we learn skill for the first time? And still prices are insane and increasing gap between people who can and cannot farm it @Juji.
  21. After 14 days statistic on tank/tyrr: 8x churing (1x luminius, 2x water, 5x general)!!! 2x palo (general) 1x tanga (general) 2x ari (2x water) Will be looooong way.
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