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  1. HealFast


    That was close
  2. HealFast

    THE GODS!!

    OMG wtf is that?? Incoming iVirtual friends? Can't stop laughing !!
  3. Stacked Euro Healer (GMT +1) looking for a second CP to do PVE stuffs during week days such as: Dailies; Factions; Burn a cake at EV, etc. Epics (I don't care but I can help including with a box) I'm available to play week days only until 11:30 PM (GMT +1), 5:30 PM (EST); Sieges, weekend and stuffs after 11:30 pm I will do with my main CP. I don't care if you are playing your main toon or alt since it's from a neutral PVE clan or MS side. Mail or pm HealFast ingame in English, Portuguese or Italian. Cheers
  4. This post are pure propaganda for those that watch sieges by crystals. Both of us know that only 7 people in Nova are able to perma interrupt Aden to be scribe due to a broken game mechanism. Crystals can`t show that MS controlled scribe room all the time, we were keep trying to scribe every single minute for more than 1 hour and we got interrupt even by Nova randoms aka Netflix player tagged on weekend. What we gonna do with that broken system? Control all dragons, gainak, force nova random to drop tag 15 min after siege, take Rune castle and make it light just to stop nov
  5. Embarrassing was your feeling of relief when the siege over lol. We keep 3/4 of siege inside your castle room trying to summon the castle every single minute and you all running like rats inside trying to interrupt. If we need like 60 or 70% of our clan stand inside the castle blocking every single role to keep rats away all you need is just 1 single kamikaze person with an topaz lvl 1 to interrupt. Btw funny siege like I don't see for long time.
  6. WTT +12 Bloody 3SA (tyrr) fist for Caster or Buster 3SA
  7. WTT +10 Dark Light SET for same Robe. PM or Email ingame HealFast.
  8. 1. Brazil / Italy 2. SoundMaker -> Silver Ranger; Magyars -> Saggitarius; HealFast -> Cardinal, Eva Saint 2.1 Clan history: Fallen Angels (Thraug), Dark Vengeance (Tormenter), BRNation(Me), Dark Vengeance (Tormenter/Diawa), Team Jesus (SweetLu77), Rdogs (Nick) .. VERY LONG BREAK .. Emity (Lootness) .. InnerCircle (MILANDOR) ... BREAK ... P1ratas (Samuray), InnerCicle (MILANDOR) ... BREAK ... MorningStar (Zureil) ... DiE (IDegus)... MorningStar(Zureil) ... BREAK ... MorningStar(Zureil) 3. Kain -> Aria -> Chronos 4. 103/101 5. I quit 4 times.
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