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  1. Adena event and spoil rates ?

    Update on numbers 303 mobs successful spoils 12 that's like 3,3% ( 2 synthetic braids / 1 steel / 1 plated gloves recipe / 8 silver nugget ) . At one point i made a post about some bots in like 5 minutes it was deleted but when there is a decent argument to be made forum moderators and game designers/developers never to be found . Somehow after 2 months of gaming i lost all my motivation to play in this server in just a couple of hours .
  2. Adena event and spoil rates ?

    Hello i am a 45 lvl Bounty hunter and i am hitting Tamlin orcs and Tamlin orc archers for many lvls now trying to get the SSC recipe which is rare and i can understand that . But today i just logged like 40 minutes ago and this happened to me : In 2 buff cycles ( 40 minutes ) i killed a variaty of Tamlin orcs / Tamlin orc Archers / Karul Bugbear , i got 3 mobs go purple in 135 kills ... Yes adena is drop is 100% and drops in bigger amounts i have gather ( 39k ++ ) adena in like 40 minuets which is amazing and helps a ton but seeing a mob going purple once every 40 - 50 kills is insane . From what i see in some sites Tamlin orcs have like 15% steel spoil rate / Tamlin orc Archers have a 10% spoil on Synthetic Braid and 10% in a recipe / and Karul Bugbear have a staggering 50% spoil rate in silver nugget . After 40 minutes all i got was 2 silver nuggets and 1 synthetic braid 0 steel . My question is this , in the weekends that they increase adena drop , do they decrease spoil to balance it out ? P.S At one point i did a little experiment and killed 175 tamlin orcs in a span of 5 hours and had gotten 7 steel with spoil that's like 4% while sites give rates of 15% . If someone can provide a link with legit info for our server i would really appreciate it .
  3. Ivory tower bots

    Seriously if a GM takes a stroll around ivory tower right now in Aden server both bottom at gargoyles and up in formor elders and bugbear warrios you will have to ban over 50 bots ... I swear the god 99% of the summoners in this game are bots . Send pet / curse weakness / hit with staff without SS / heal and repeat .
  4. Did my post about bots got deleted?

    Thank you , i am new to the game and didnt know the exact actions i should have taken . I will report to Customer Support asap .
  5. Did my post about bots got deleted?

    I made a post like 3 hours ago and i can't find it anywhere is it because i mentioned some names without knowing 100% if they are bots?
  6. Did my post about bots got deleted?

    Where can i submit a ticket ? I have a ton of info but it feels like nobody cares in NCSOFT . Why is there never a gm online ?
  7. Not sure about the adena drop ( i am not yet 40 ) and i don't want to make this server super easy but the spoil rates are super unbalanced to any database i checked . I killed over 2k road scavengers and got 30 oriharukon ore with what supposed to be 8% spoil chance per . Whoever decided the rates are as they should be should really take maths 1.0.1 again .