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  1. @hime @juji What do the players need to do in order to get rates fixed? You said continue to send feedback about our concerns. This isnt going away. It's going to be an issue until it's fixed. You have to know it's broken. Communication is key. That's what you're here for isn't it? Do we need to make a petition or what? Tell us what we need to do.
  2. They are in hiding after the announcement they weren't fixing anything. But keep posting on the forums because they want us too. Even though it obviously doesn't help. Wish they would tell us what the playerbase needs to do in order to bring change to the obviously broken rates. But until they do, keep posting the forums with our dissatisfaction of how they're handling this. The only people this helps is adena sellers. I'm willing to bet they've made more money off this game than the NC shop.
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